• Oga Obinna shared a screenshot of one of his bank accounts showing he has a balance of KSh 51 million

• The former Kiss 100 on air personality said Eric Omondi has no money and depends on his sponsor Jimi Wanjigi

• Obinna’s bank balance screenshot was passed as a fake one after netizens discovered some editing blunders on it

Former Kiss 100 on air personality Oga Obinna has taken his time to teach comedian Eric Omondi a thing or two about real money, otherwise known as old money.

Oga Obinna, through his Instagram account has proven to Eric Omondi that he is way wealthier than him.

In a social media post seen by Yeiyo.com, Oga Obinna posted a screenshot showing his Equity Bank balance, just but to silence the comedian even as their “beef” escalates.

Oga Obinna and Eric Omondi have been “beefing” for months now Photo: Kiss 100.

The content creator flaunted his bank balance which read KSh 51 million as at the time of filing this report.

Through his caption, Oga Obinna informed Eric Omondi that the bank balance he saw was just one of the many bank accounts under his name.

The father of four also used the opportunity to throw shade at Eric Omondi whom he accused of being sponsored by Jimi Wanjigi.

Obinna insisted that Eric Omondi has been making noise online with fake money.

According to Obinna, Eric Omondi has no credible source of money and only brags online with money from his sponsors such as Jimi Wanjigi.

“Goodnight Eric Omondi. I didn’t want to stoop this low but well….This is just one of the accounts by the way. Toka kwa Wanjigi, who doesn’t know fake money when they see it. Kesho I will come to confirm if YOUR money is real and where you get it from Mr Project. By the way, you don’t have to shout to make a point. We meet kesho. Sleep tight Mr Thing!! PUGA!!” Obinna captioned his screenshot.

Obinna’s savage attack against Eric Omondi came barely ours after the latter blasted the former for trying to dim his light.

Eric Omondi has earlier taken to social media and posted a video of himself flaunting wards of cash as he trolled Obinna senselessly.

The video was a response to Oga Obinna’s previous attack against him.

Obinna had claimed Eric Omondi should stop disturbing Kenyans with his many publicity stunts concealed as philanthropy.

It should, however, be noted that Obinna’s bank balance was passed as a fake and edited one after a section of netizens spotted some discrepancies on his screenshot.

Quite a number of Kenyans online, including fellow celebrities called Obinna’s flaunting a bluff after noticing he had made a blunder while editing his bank balance screenshot.

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