• The lady disclosed Nonini came through for her family when their house burnt down

• She revealed Nonini gave her clothing and money to sustain them during their time of need

• Kenyans lauded Nonini and prayed that God blesses him even more so that he can help fellow countrymen

The Genge Godfather Hubert Nakitare, known to many as Nonini is a true legend, Yeiyo.com can authoritatively confirm.

This was confirmed recently by a random Kenyan fan who took to social media to thank the rapper for coming through for her in her time of dire need.

Yeiyo.com has learnt Nonini, while still in Kenya a couple of years ago touched the life of a Kenyan lady who had just lost his home to inferno.

The lady thanked Nonini for helping her family in their time of need. Photo: Nonini/Twitter.

The lady who goes by Irene, hit the comments section of Nonini’s Facebook post to thank him for helping her in the best way possible when she really needed assistance.

According to Irene, her house had been brought down by fire and her family had been rendered homeless.

Nonini, who was their neighbour then extended an olive branch by not only offering the family clothing but also some cash to keep them going even as they tried to get back on their feet.

Nonini you have a good heart and may God bless you. You saved me one day when my house was on fire. You gave me some money and clothes. Thank you.” Irene wrote.

Having helped many Kenyans and totally forgotten about it, Nonini could not remember and asked Irene to help him get the memory.

Without wasting time, Irene reminded Nonini that she was his neighbour and could not thank him enough to help her family and even give her a T-shirt branded with his name.

“Hapo Kwa gate where you used to stay kuna soja anaitwa Cornelius Simwa, you even gave your T Shirt written your name, Aki barikiwa,” Irene disclosed.

Irene’s confession and prayer touched Nonini who noted that he has always been obligated to help anyone in time of their need.

According to Nonini, he has helped many people in times of their need that he cannot keep track of the number and the individuals.

This impressed many netizens including yours who could not thank Nonini enough and pray that God keep blessing him so that he can bless other countrymen.

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