• Kelechi Africana revealed that he only knows and acknowledges only 13 of his kids out of the 22

• According to the reigning “East Africa’s Father Abraham”, mothers to his other nine kids only used him as a sperm donor

Controversial Nairobi-based Coast musician Kelechi African has come out to prove that he is the newest East Africa’s “Father Abraham”.

This is after the Ring hitmaker publicly confessed to being a father of a staggering 22 children.

Taking to his Facebook page, Kelechi Africana disclosed that he only knows and recognises 13 of his kids out of the 22.

Kelechi Africana said he only knows and acknowledges only 13 of his children out of the 22. Photo: Kelechi Africana/Facebook.

According to the musician, he is okay with knowing the 13 since mothers to the remaining nine only wanted to copulate with him for his seeds.

In other words, the artiste meant he only played the sperm donor role with the mothers of his other nine children since that is all the baby mamas wanted.

“Nina watoto 22 – Ninao wajua ni 13 – Hao wengine mama zao walitaka mbegu tu,” Kelechi Africana wrote.

Kelechi Africana’s revelation left most of his fans confused with quite a number wondering how and why he was okay with having so many kids.

While some netizens believed and trusted his post, others felt it was impossible and he was only trying to chase clout with it.

This, however, did not come as a surprise to many since the musician has recently been wadding in controversy, including his incessant attacks against fellow musicians from Mombasa.

Just recently, YEIYO.com reported how Kelechi Africana stirred the pot by throwing jabs at Mombasa artistes who had earlier been signed under 001 Music.

Kelechi, in his usual demeanor sensationally claimed that all the artistes who had been signed under 001 Music and had been receiving support from former Mombasa county Governor Hassan Joho are not talented.

The Nimechoka singer, while speaking during an interview Manucho The Baller and DJ Immo on their show, Base 47 which airs on Radio 47, claimed that all the artistes who were under 001 Music only thrived because of Hassan Joho’s unwavering support, financially and logistically.

Kelechi Africana had earlier blasted who were initially signed under 001 Music. Photo: Kelechi Africana/Facebook.

According to Kelechi Africana none of the 001 Music artiste would have thrived was it not for Hassan Joho and his money, which helped them to produce music and move around on different media tours both in Kenya and the neighbouring Tanzania.

The singer insisted that all the 001 Music artiste would still be doing good if indeed they were talented, with or without Joho’s money.

Kelechi Africana reiterated that Joho’s exit from office should not have stopped the artistes from dropping hit songs since the politician is still loaded as before and can still pump money into their projects.

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