• Khadija Kopa revealed her daughter Zuchu has not formally introduced Diamond Platnumz as her lover

• Zuchu’s mum said she is ready to marry her off to a serious suitor

Legendary Taarab crooner Khadija Kopa has casted doubt on her daughter Zuchu’s romance with her boss Diamond Platnumz.

Khadija Kopa, who is Zuchu’s mother recently disclosed she is not aware of her daughter is in any serious romantic relationship with any man.

According to Khadija Kopa, no man has ever met her to officially ask for Zuchu’s hand in marriage.

Khadija Kopa said she is not aware of Zuchu’s romance with Diamond Pllatnumz. Photo: Mwananchi TZ.

Speaking during an interview with a number of Tanzania’s online media scribes, Khadija Kopa welcomed men who are interested in her daughter to come out and express their interests.

Khadija Kopa reiterated she is ready to meet any serious suitor who wants to marry Zuchu and hand her over to him.

During the interview, the Taarab maestro revealed Diamond Platnumz has never been formal with Zuchu, therefore cannot really claim her as his lover.

She insisted that she is open to receive dowry for her daughter Zuchu from any interested party.

Khadija Kopa said she is ready to receive Zuchu’s dowry from serious suitors. Photo: Wasafi TV/Instagram.

Binti yangu hajaolewa hakuna aliyemlipia mahari, watu wengi mitandaoni wanasema Diamond ni mpenzi wake, hivyo anayetaka kuwa na Zuchu alipe. mahari yake, niko tayari kuipokea kwa muda wowote,” Khadija Kopa said.

Khadija Kopa’s revelation came quite as a shocker to many who knew Zuchu was in a serious romantic relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu have been serving couple goals for some time now, leaving many with belief that theirs is a perfect union made in heaven.

With Khadija Kopa’s recent statement, it is clear Diamond Platnumz may lose Zuchu any time should any man approach her mother before him.

Khadija Kopa denounced Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu’s relationship. Photo: Diamond Platnumz/YouTube.

This is not the first time Khadija Kopa is raining on Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu’s parade.

About a year or so ago, Khadija Kopa denounced Diamond Platnumz holding her daughter had never introduced him to her as her future husband.

Then, Khadija noted that she is not aware and does not acknowledge Diamond and Zuchu’s relationship.

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