Zone Empire Record Label Shakes Up Entertainment Industry with Vibrant Entry


• Zone Empire Record Label which is located in Rongai, Kenya was launched on November 4, 2022

• The Zone Empire Record Label is the brainchild of revered singer and songwriter KJ Zone

The Kenyan music industry has in the recent past been growing slowly but steadily, with more and more talented artistes emerging with their impressive masterpieces.

While there have been a significant growth, quite a number of talented artistes in Kenya have been facing many challenges even as they try to make a name for themselves in the much-competitive music industry.

It was because of the many demerits facing local artistes that Celebrated Singer Adepoju Dolapo James, alias KJ Zone thought it wise to make it easy for most talents by launching a fully-fledged record label in Kenya.

Zone Empire Record Label is owned by KJ Zone. Photo: Zone Empire Record Label/Instagram. understands KJ Zone singer in November 4, 2022 officially launched the Zone Empire Record Label with it’s main offices and studios located in Rongai, Kenya.

According to Zone Empire Record Label CEO KJ Zone, the launch was not by chance as his team had done research and realised there was need to promote local talents and give them a chance to shine internationally.

KJ Zone disclosed that the mission for the record label is to create and maintain young musicians’ collectives, give young people across Kenya and beyond the chance to experience the many facets of music in an environment that they feel safe, supported and inspired.

The Zone Empire boss added that his label will most definitel provide young musicians with opportunities to express themselves through music on stage, in rehearsal rooms and in recording studios and to give them the chance to do the aforementioned regardless of age, background or musical ability.

Zone Empire Record Label team at KBC TV studios. Photo: ZERL/Instagram. has learnt KJ Zone was also driven to help other artistes since he has been through all the struggles they are facing and understands their pain.

About the Founder: KJ Zone

Adepoju Dolapo James alias KJ Zone is a international-acclaimed singer and songwriter with countless massive hit songs under his belt.

KJ Zone was born for the spotlight and his multifaceted career is shaping up to be nothing short of iconic.

Born and raised in Lagos Nigeria, the original home for Afro music, the now Nairobi-based singer, proudly grips his roots by delivering a unique package of some of the most unique musical pieces that widely spread the African culture hence rapidly taking the Afro popular music industry by storm.

KJ Zone is a singer and songwriter. Photo: ZERL/Instagram.

KJ Zone found his voice at a young age of six.

His pursuit for a music career started way back. His love for Afro music came full circle when he won Best Male Vocalist Award in the Trinity School of Music, in Dubai UAE, 2016.

Ever since, KJ Zone’s musical career came off full throttle.

Enthralled with his great talent, his songs instantly captures your attention with a vibrant musical and passionate control of his ability to mix different languages and at times do creative collaborations.

The self-made singer, has so far released three hit songs namely, ÁJE’ SUGARBABE’’and ‘TONIGHT respectively.

Zone Empire Record Label official logo. Photo: ZERL.

The hit songs took over the internet because of the unique taste.

His music videos revisit what makes African music so powerful, based on the cultural aspect that visually embodies the theme of the song.

Having just released his third hit song ‘TONIGHT’, there is no doubt he has every reason to lead the way with the African love story trademark sign that accompanies his magnificent musicianship.

KJ Zone owns a record label named ZONE EMPIRE RECORD LABEL.

Zone Empire Record Label is an active record label that has signed a number of multi-talented artistes from across East Africa.

Mr Violin (Kenya).
Kizmoh (Tanzania).
Leericks (Nigeria).

Currently, Zone Empire Record Label prides itself in three signers namely Mr Violin from Kenya, Kizmoh from Tanzania and Leericks from Nigeria.

The signees all have released a couple of songs under the Zone Empire Record Label and have promised to take over the industry, one hit song at a time.


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