• 2Mbili made it categorically clear that Ngesh Wa Vasha is not his lover

• The content creator disclosed he is in Ngesh’s life to help her capitalise on her newly-found fame

• 2Mbili insisted that he is heavy on promoting upcoming and fast-rising talents like Ngesh Wa Vasha

Multi-talented Kenyan entertainer 2Mbili has vehemently shut down claims that he is in love with fast-rising internet sensation Ngesh Wa Vasha.

2Mbili strongly distanced himself from the accusations as he tried to clear the air on allegations that Ngesh Wa Vasha is his latest catch.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Presenter Ali, 2Mbili disclosed that he has been closer to Ngesh Wa Vasha because he has been trying to promote her and ensuring that she gets all the publicity she deserves, owing to her “massive talent”.

2mbili shut down claims he is dating Ngesh Wa Vasha. Photo: UGC.

According to 2Mbili, Ngesh Wa Vasha is not the only lady he has been pushing through his various platforms.

2Mbili even used the opportunity to introduce yet another viral female rapper who has been breaking the internet with her mastery of rap and hip hop.

“You know some people will just say anything to attract attention. Most of them are just craving for attention. I have always been pushing up and coming talents and Ngesh Wa Vasha is not the only one. Listen to this one I have come with today, she is called Mitchy The Rapper. Our work is bringing these talented creatives closer to Kenyans and the world audience,” 2Mbili said.

2Mbili said he is only helping Ngesh Wa Vasha capitalise on her newly-found social status. Photo: Courtesy.

The content creator insisted that all he has been doing with Ngesh Wa Vasha is advising her on how to take advantage of her now famous status.

2Mbili, through the interview with Presenter Ali even disclosed how he advised Ngesh Wa Vasha to start charging people KSh 5,000 for interviews.

“Actually I am not even Ngesh Wa Vasha’s manager. All I have been doing with her is advising her on how she should capitalise on her newfound fame. I even told her to start charging people KSh 5,000 for interviews. She needs to grow.” 2Mbili added.

His defense was supported by thousands of Kenyans who not only lauded him for promoting up and coming talents but also urged other public figures to follow suit.

Ngesh Wa Vasha became an internet sensation after one of her music videos went viral. Photo: Ngesh Wa Basha/YouTube.

Ngesh Wa Vasha has been making headlines on social and mainstream media after one of her music videos went viral.

Following his newly-found fame, many Kenyans took to social media to condemn fellow countrymen for promoting mediocrity instead of real talents.

Many insisted that Ngesh Wa Vasha only went viral because Kenyan were making fun of her music video and general persona as an aspiring artistes.

Others, however, backed her, holding that it is her time to shine and should be allowed to enjoy her blessings as they come.

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