• Afrobeat star Bisk has been causing ripples with his new hit song Jaga Jaga

• Yeiyo.com understands this is a perfect follow up to Bisk’s last solo project in 2016

• This summer, Bisk will also be looking to go on his first ever UK Tour

The worldwide music scene has in the recent past been experiencing an upsurge in the number of musicians dropping hit songs.

Nigerian Afropop singer Bisk happens to be among the many stars who have been blessing their respective fans with dope music.

Yeiyo.com has learnt Bisk recently released new jam dubbed Jaga Jaga which has been enjoying a warm reception from music lovers across the world.

Bisk impressed his fans with the release of his new song Jaga Jaga. Photo: Bisk/Original.

Through Jaga Jaga, which is a feel good dancehall song, Bisk showed off his vocal prowess by praising the lady of his dreams.

Bisk, being an experienced musician used a superb voice pattern which perfectly brings the ballard to life in the best way possible.

The artistry and creativity injected into the song clearly positioned Bisk as a talented musician with energetic delivery and vibrant composition giving the masterpiece some sense of uniqueness.

Jaga Jaga, which was produced by super producer Callie Majik is available on all digital music streaming platforms, with its crisp music video adding flavour to the whole package.

The hit song, Jaga Java which was directed by WG has Bisk having fun on the streets of Lagos, giving it a perfect african interpretation.

Jaga Jaga by Bisk has been making ripples in the airwaves. Photo: Bisk/Original.

Yeiyo.com understands this is a perfect follow up to Bisk’s last solo project in 2016.

It should be noted that Bisk has been involved in other creative ventures in the background and Jaga Jaga is surely a perfect return to splendid form and the gear up for an EP set for release later in the year.

This summer, Bisk will also be looking to go on his first ever UK Tour.

Bisk is a Nigerian born Afrobeat star who hails from Swiissh Music.

His music was influenced by his love for Legendary Mentor Fela Kuti and others he has been listening to all through his music journey.

Brought up in a home of musical influences like uncles and family members who played in bands, it’s only right to know he would follow the same lane in expressing his talent in the same course.

The sun don’t shine forever but he believes his shine is eternal.

Free spirited in expression and his vibrant style gives him finishing touches on his craft, the melodies and infused high life sound and dancehall versatility leaves him distinguished from others.

Bisk is famed for songs like Girl Dem Know which features P Dubb from Swiissh Music, I No Send, Topper One, which hit the heart of the people and Ginger.

The Afro-beat singer is one of Nigeria’s most promising new voice to definitely watch for as the tone is set already for listeners across the globe.

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