• Erika LaBrie married the Eiffel Tower in 2007

• The 50-year-old American woman recently divorced the Paris landmark after falling in love with a fence

• Erika came out and disclosed that she is attracted to inanimate objects

In 2007, an American woman stunned the world when she professed her undying love for Paris, France’s beautiful landmark, the Eiffel Tower.

Erika LaBrie, who is 50 years old now even went ahead to marry Eiffel Tower in what was then described as a commitment ceremony that took place in Paris, France.

Erika came out and disclosed that she is attracted to inanimate objects.

Erika said she is now in love with a fence. Photo: Courtesy.

Well, Erika recently stunned everyone once again, after announcing her divorce to the Eiffel Tower.

The old lady revealed that she is now attracted to a fence, which she wants to get better acquainted with.

The woman characterises herself as an objectum sexual, which is a phrase for someone who is drawn romantically or sexually to inanimate items.

LaBrie, who is an advocate for object sexuality and a competitive archer, was recently spotted in a now-viral TikTok video hugging and kissing a red fence as she revealed her feelings for the well-chiselled structure.

Erika recently posted a video showing love to her new bae, the fence. Photo: TikTok.

“Fences are such dangerous objects for me because they are so perfect in their geometry,” LaBrie said.

“I’m definitely physically attracted to this fence and I would like to get to know this fence better,” she added.

The viral TikTok video captured her expressing why and what draws her to the fence as she gets a feel.

Erika is one of the few public objectum sexuals, who are people with a love orientation toward objects.

In addition to holding a commitment ceremony with the 186-year-old French iron tower, Erika has fallen for fighter jets, fencing, and was at some point said to be in a relationship with a crane.

Erika stunned the world with her latest move. Photo: Courtesy.

She also runs the support website Object Sexuality Internationale.

It is not yet clear how many objectum sexuals there are in the world since there is no enough data gathered and people are, understandably, reluctant to identify their orientation in such a climate of distrust and misinformation.

It is, however, known and believed that objectum sexuality is found in both men and women across the world.

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