• Willy Paul took to social media to protest after his name missed on the list of Kenya’s respresentatives at Coke Studio Africa

• Pozee’s sentiments were echoed by Wakadinali’s scar who also failed to make the cut

Controversial Kenyan musician Willy Paul and Scar Mkadinali of the sensational Wakadinali group have registered displeasure with the selection of Khaligraph Jones and Nikita Kering’ to represent Kenya in the soon to be aired Coke Studio.

Coke Studio Africa recently announced the launch of the latest edition and subsequently presented Khaligraph and Kering’ as Kenya’s beneficiaries of the world-acclaimed program.

The selection may have impressed a number of Kenyans but a multitude, including Willy Paul and Scar Mkadinali had alternate opinions.

Willy Paul accused Coke Studio Africa of being biased. Photo: Courtesy.

Greatly shocked by Coke Studio Africa’s selection, Willy Paul took to Instagram on Saturday, July 8, to question the criteria the aforementioned uses to pick artistes for the project.

According to Willy Paul, Kenya could have been represented by top artistes like himself and Wakadinali who have been topping the charts lately, instead of the likes of Khaligraph and Kering’.

Pozee even went as far as wondering if Coke Studio Africa is just another cartel-run entity just like many others.

“What criteria does Coke Studio use to pick musicians? Because for the longest time I havs been topping their surveys or us it another cartel based system? We have myself, Wakadinali, OB and many more. Anyway, let me mind my business,” Willy Paul wrote.

Willy Paul said he is better off compared to Khaligraph Jones. Photo: Willy Paul/Instagram.

His sentiments were echoed by Scar Mkadinali in an Insta-stories update seen by YEIYO.com.

“Really? Coke Studio? Really??? Reaaallly??” Scar wrote.

Wakadinali’s Scar Mkadinali believes Coke Studio are unfair. Photo: Scar Mkadinali.

To hit back at Willy Paul and probably everyone questioning the Coke Studio Africa selection, Khaligraph Jones mockingly threw jabs at Pozee with a cheek response.

“Iyo cartel unasema Inaitwa Khali Cartel Na Mimi ndio kusema huko. Tuma CV nikisha review ntaona kama ntakuweka maybe 2030 sababu next year bado Ni Mimi mpaka 2029,” Khali killed Pozee with a salvo.

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