• Johnson Sakaja exposed some politicians who have been holding meetings aimed at sabotaging his free school feeding program

• Mike Sonko blasted Sakaja and asked him to let Nairobians meet wherever and whenever they want to for tea and other issues

Kenyans on Twitter were on Monday, September 18, treated to an exciting war of words between Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja and his predecessor Mike Sonko.

The fierce exchange between the two politicians was sparked by Sakaja who had taken to Twitter to call out people who have been burning the midnight oil to see his free school a program fails.

Mike Sonko went ham on Sakaja for exposing people who are allegedly meeting to sabotage his free school feeding program. Photo: Courtesy.

The youthful Governor took to Twitter and posted photos of cars allegedly belonging to his enemies parked outside a Nairobi-based hotel and disclosed there was a meeting specifically organised to discuss how they will jeopardise the feeding program.

Feareless Johnson Sakaja even went ahead to mention names of some of the people present at the “anti-free school feeding program” meeting.

The Governor blasted the attendees of the meeting as he urged them to desist from their ill plot and let Nairobi students enjoy the free school feeding program.

“Meeting at Asmara planning to harm children in the school feeding program. Babu, Tim, Lydia Kwamboka, Josephine Kithu, Tom Tinega.. leave the children out of this. I’ll face you in 2027. Don’t poison children for your political goals. And you can’t, it’s their parents cooking. Or now if you’d like. Nyalenda and Bungoma express. Lazima iWork.” Sakaja tweeted.

In a quick rejoinder, Mike Sonko jumped on the comments section and bashed Sakaja on end.

Sonko, in his usual demeanor told off Sakaja, holding that Nairobians, including elected leaders have the right to meet at any location for tea and other businesses.

While Sonko was on the right with his response, it was his mild insults that got netizens cracking.

“Wewe Sasa wacha umama. Kwani watu hii Nairobi hawawezi kukutana kukunywa chai?” Mike Sonko shot.

Mike Sonko asked Sakaja to let people meet their friends over tea. Photo: Mike Sonko/Twitter.

Quite a number of Kenyans on Twitter (X) could not help but support Sonko’s argument, holding that Kenya, specifically Nairobi is a free space where anyone can meet with friends for different sorts of meetings.

While some people backed Sonko up, a section of tweeps called him out for using foul language.

A multitude mauled him for being disrepectful, considering his vulgarity.

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