Visita tells off people trolling Bahati for smoking bhang


• Bahati was dragged online after posting photo of himself smoking what seemed like bhang in studio

• Legendary producer Visita urged Bahati’s critics to let him be and allow people their peace when enjoying their puffs

Former Grandpa Records producer Visita has come out to support singer Bahati following a scathing attack against him over his recent photo post on social media.

Bahati had on Thursday, August 31, taken to social media to create hype for his new song which was scheduled to drop the following day in the most controversial way.

In his usual demeanor aimed at attracting even more eyeballs, Bahati posted two photos of himself smoking what seemed like bhang inside a recording studio on his official social media pages.

Bahati posted a photo of himself smoking in the studio. Photo: Bahati Kenya/Instagram.

The musician, through his caption disclosed to fans how he could not wait to finally celebrate his 10 years in the music industry.

He also used the opportunity to ask his fans and followers to share what they love or hate about him.

“Nawaskiza! Feel Free to Advise… I’m almost Marking 10 Years in the Game! What Do You Love about Bahati and What Do You Hate about Bahati ??? Let’s Ch@t .. Let’s be Honest!” Bahati wrote.

While Bahati’s caption sunk in well with most of his followers, it was his photos that left a bad taste in the mouths of countless netizens.

Bahati angered his fans with his recent photo. Photo: Bahati Kenya/Instagram.

A multitude of social media users pounced on him with a massive troll as they wondered why and how a “gospel” artiste smokes marijuana.

Others even questioned his position in the society as they bashed him for not being a good role model to young Kenyans who look up to him.

Many people attacked Bahati over the photos but some, including his music colleagues such as producer Visita jumped to his defense.

Taking to his Facebook page hours after Bahati had been beaten to pulp by vicious netizens online, Visita lauded Bahati showing his true colours and reiterated that smoking bhang has never been a sin.

Visita in fact called on Bahati’s critics to let him be and let people enjoy their marijuana in peace.

Visita said people who are attacking Bahati should let him be. Photo: Visita/Facebook.


Most Kenyans took Visita’s post seriously while others passed it as sarcasm.

The latest development comes barely a week after Bahati disclosed why he ditched gospel for secular music.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with ETV’s Jonijoo, Bahati revealed that he ditched gospel because God’s grace in him had diminished.

The musician noted that he prayed to God and asked Him for His permission to jump ship so that he can keep on entertaining God’s children on the other side of life; secular.

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