• Vincent Kras said Kenyan artistes have been doing the most but fans have been disappointing them

• The revered talents manager concluded that Kenyans have been keen on promoting mediocrity and ignoring real talents

• His sentiments were echoed by rapper Khaligraph Jones via a post sighted by YEIYO.com

Vocal Kenyan talents manager Vincent Kras has come out to share with the world what has been ailing the now struggling Kenyan music industry.

Vincent Kras, who is the official Frankie Dee’s manager finally made people understand that the problem has never been Kenyan artistes but the consumers, in this case, music lovers, otherwise known as fans.

The Mombasa-based talents manager and events lord also noted that some stakeholders in the music industry have been the recipe for killing the industry.

Vincent Kras said Kenyans have been busy pushing and promoting mediocrity. Photo: Vincent Kras/Facebook.

Without going into much details, Vincent Kras took to Facebook and compared the development of major music brands such as Wyre and online sensations like Ngesh Wa Vasha of the Kaveve Kazoze fame.

Kras shared screenshots showing numbers, rather views for Wyre’s latest song on YouTube and Ngesh Wa Vasha’s as he wondered why the latter had accrued quite impressive digits compared to Wyre.

Through his caption, Vincent Kras concluded that the problem has never been artistes and their content but Kenyan music lovers who seem to be confused and are not sure of what they really want.

According to the Dancehall MSA boss, Kenyan music fans have been killing the one time vibrant music industry by promoting mediocrity and online trends instead of celebrating real talents and good music from real artistes.

Vincent Kras(In white T-shirt) blamed Kenyans for the fall of the once glittering music industry. Photo: Vincent Kras/Facebook.

He noted that real Kenyan artistes have been doing everything in their powers to give their audiences what they want in vain.

Vincent Kras insisted that music lovers have been shifting goal posts and coming up with ridiculous demands for artistes who have been burning their midnight oil to give them just that.

However, instead of supporting whatever their favourite artistes release, they have been carried away by every latest online sensations such as Ngesh Wa Vasha who is clearly not a musician but just that; an online sensation.

“They will tell you you need to invest in quality videos / image and quality audio production. They will also argue that the only reason Kenyan music cannot beat Naija is because we don’t sing mature content. Then they will also do this 😂 I’m not mad about this guys in anyway coz it’s not their fault Kenya is just a funny place . Everytime the industry gets a breather we go back to jokes.” Vincent Kras wrote.

Vincent Kras’ sentiments were echoed by countless Kenyan public figures such as Khaligraph Jones who shared his post to rubber stamp his message.

Going by the many comments on Vincent Kras and Khaligraph Jones’ posts, it is clear genuine music lovers are tired of the mediocrity and want fellow countrymen to support good music.

Many insisted that, most netizens have been pushing Ngesh Wa Vasha not because they love her music but because she presented herself as the perfect target for mockery.

This comes barely hours after YEIYO.com reported that Ngesh Wa Vasha had landed her first ever six figure performance at The Loft.

The online sensation on Sunday, June 25, performed at The Loft where she checked in being chauffeured in a stretched Black Limousine, a privilege not many legendary Kenyan musicians have ever enjoyed.

In summary, most Kenyans have been rooting for mediocre artistes instead of propelling real talents, who are languishing in poverty and dealing with depression because of what fans, in this case Kenyan music lovers have been causing them.

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