• Vincent Kras said Kenyan music now has a chance to thrive with the dwindling of Naija music and Bongo Flava in the country

• Kras challenged deejays to play Kenyan music on end so that they can revive it

• He insisted that music lovers should also promote good Kenyan music instead of propelling mediocre content

Dancehall MSA boss and talents manager Vincent Kras has urged Kenyan deejays to take advantage of this time when there is no invasion from Naija music and Bongo Flava to push, rather put Kenyan music on heavy rotation in a bid to promote our very own.

Vincent Kras, a revered artistes’ manager and promo Lord made it clear that the Kenyan music industry now has a chance to thrive since there is no confusion from the aforementioned genres.

Through a Facebook post seen by this writer, Vincent Kras noted that there is no reason as to why Kenyan music should not make headlines now that the industry players have been presented with a fair ground to push local content.

Vincent Kras said deejays have to pull their and play Kenyan music more. Photo: Vincent Kras/Facebook.

According to Kras, who is Frankie Dee’s manager, Kenyan deejays have a greater role in reviving the one time dwindling music industry that had earlier been invaded by foreigners.

Vincent Kras reiterated that Bongo Flava and Naija music has now reduced in popularity in the country, giving Kenyan artistes, Deejays, fans and music stakeholders a chance to popularise Kenyan music through airplay, shows and what not.

He went on to add that this is the perfect time to reclaim our long lost glory as far as Kenyan music is concerned.

“Saa hii ni Deejays wacheze kama wao zile excuse za kuwa ni mafans wanataka hizo ngoma za njee zinfaa kupungua , Bongo ishapoa Naija sahii focus yao ni kujaza stadium za Europe na America yani Africa washakula wakashiba . Its our time to organise our house any deejay still playing more foreign than Kenya hiyo itakuwa ni ROHO MBAYA tu,” Vincent Kras posted.

The vocal Kenyan music defender also used the opportunity to plead with Kenyans to promote real and legit talents instead of progressing comedians hiding behind music; Case in point Ngesh Wa Vasha.

The talents manager held that it is good to support Ngesh Wa Vasha and her ilk but Kenyans should not forget to promote and push music from real and talented artistes.

“Alafu pia let’s differentiate music from comedy hizi ngoma tunapea kipao mbele clearly cannot compete outside there , aside from the funny lyrics which is pure comedy the songs are very flat no melodies no groove. Kaveve Kazoze is viral because you guys are making fun of the artist huko njee hawawezi muelewa kabisa let’s not use this commercial break to go back to funny meme songs. We can balance the playfield and catch Naija unaware.” He added.

His sentiments were echoed by countless netizens who called on fellow Kenyans to support real talents.

Vincent Kras’ wisdom nuggets came hot on the heels of a heated debate on whether Kenyans should support Ngesh Wa Vasha or ignore her for other bankable talents who have been craving for the same attention she has recently been enjoying.

Vincent Kras with his artiste Frankie Dee in Ethiopia. Photo: Vincent Kras/Facebook.

YEIYO.com earlier reported that Ngesh Wa Vasha broke the internet with her “joke” song Kaveve Kazoze which went viral on social media.

Of importance to note is the fact that many Kenyans have been supporting Ngesh Wa Vasha, not because of her “talent” but because of her comic demeanor which countless Kenyans found entertaining.

Even with the debates, a host of people have been supporting and pushing Ngesh Wa Vasha in a move that saw her secure a six figure show at the popular Thika Road wet hole, The Loft.

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