• Tabby G 001 shared a video of herself dancing to Boutrous’ new song Misbehavior in a move that keft many men high and not so dry

• The curvy lass mesmerised netizens with her curves and edges, not to mention her top-notch dance skills

• Her dance video confirmed to the world that Akorinos can also have fun

A well-endowed Akorino lady has impressed and mesmerised Kenyans with her suave dance move.

The lady, who goes by Tabby G 001 on TikTok recently brought the interwebs to a standstill with her scintillating dance moves and larger than life derriere.

Despite coming from the reserved and laid back Akorino denomination, Tabby G left many netizens especially men drooling as she swayed her hips and curvy figure in a soft yet seductive manner.

Tabby G 001 impressed Kenyans with her figure and suave dance moves. Photo: Tabby G 001/TikTok.

Tabby G caught many Kenyans by surprise since not many people believe Akorino can be cool and enjoy life to the fullest like other people from other religious denominations.

While a number of people lauded Tabby G’s flawless moves, a multitude were blown away by her tantalising curves and edges.

A section of netizens, read men pointed out the curvy mamacita seems like a “kienyeji” but they will never think twice should they be given the chance to be her boo.

Tabby G’s video also captured the attention of countless Kenyans thanks to the song she was dancing to.

The TikToker confirmed that Akorino ladies are beautiful and fun loving. Photo: Courtesy.

To prove that she is a indeed a sucker and supporter of Kenyan music, Tabby G shared a video of herself swirling to Boutrous’ new song Misbehavior featuring Savara and Fathermoh from the popular Gengetone group, Mbuzi Gang.

Tabby G’s video went viral on TikTok, crossed over to Twitter, Instagram and finally Facebook where thousands of Kenyans gushed over her figure and dance skills on end.

It should be noted that this is not the first time the beauty is uniting Kenyans with her dance videos.

In early May, Tabby G 001 became the subject of online discussions after dropping a video of herself dancing to Kelechi Africana’s jam ‘I Love You’.

Then, she broke the internet after gracefully and ‘professionally’ swayed her hips to the rhythm of an infectious beat alongside her equally beautiful and curvy younger sister.

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