• Vera Sidika shared a video of herself cooking a soup while twerking in the kitchen

• The video impressed thousands of her male fans who drooled over her on end on the comments section of her post

• The socialite welcomed her second child in March 2023

Socialite Vera Sidika has for the umpteenth time proven to the world that she is still the best there is as far as ladies in her industry are concerned.

Despite being a new mum, the well-endowed socialite recently caused ripples on social media as she tried to win back her crown as Kenya’s number one socialite.

Vera Sidika and hubby Brown Mauzo welcomed their second child in March 2023. Photo: Courtesy.

Vera Sidika, on the evening of Sunday, July 16, caused a melee online with a video of herself showing off what her mama gave her.

The socialite posted a video of herself doing what she does best on social media, leaving countless men high and not so dry.

Vera, through her Instagram page, posted a video of herself in the kitchen cooking a soup while still twerking, just but to prove she can effortlessly multitask.

Dressed in a loose and free flowing Black dress, Vera Sidika jiggled her derriere like a pro even as she stirred her soup, which she claimed was to cure her hangover.

“Let us nurse this hangover with some soup. How do you cure yours?” Vera Sidika captioned her video.

Her post confused countless Kenyan men completely as they shifted their focus from the caption to her twerking prowess.

A host of men who pitched tent on the comments section of Vera Sidika’s post could not help but heap praises on her for owning one of the biggest and softest nyash in the world.

Some even went as far as requesting for a moment with Vera Sidika so that they can enjoy what her hubby, singer Brown Mauzo has been enjoying.

While Vera Sidika’s twerking video tantalised countless men, it also rubbed a multitude of netizens the wrong way.

Her critics wondered why she is very much interested in getting back to her socialite world yet she has a newborn to take care of.

Vera Sidika enjoying alcohol barely 6 months after giving birth. Photo: Queen Vee Bosset/Instagram.

Just recently, Vera Sidika found herself in a tight spot after sharing photos of herself at a party indulging in alcohol.

As earlier reported by this site, a section of Kenyans on social media dragged the socialite online for getting back to her socialite life just four months after welcoming her second child.

Many were left at crossroads as they tried to understand how a breastfeeding mother was taking alcohol yet her baby was just a couple of months old.

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