• Vera Sidika proved she does not care about what haters think or say about her behind by posting a new raunchy photo

• A section of Nigerian men had claimed Vera Sidika’s Nyash is unproportional

Voluptous Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has responded to claims that her bum is nice and big but not appetising.

Vera Sidika was forced to defend her street credibility after countless Nigerian men mauled her online over her behind, which they termed “unproportional”.

Taking to her official Instagram page on Wednesday, September 6, the mother of two taunted her critics even more by posting a photo of herself exposing her big bum.

Vera Sidika taunted her critics even more with a photo of herself showing off her bare bum. Photo: Queen Vee Bosset/Vera Sidika/Instagram.

The well-endowed socialite crashed her haters through a short but demeaning caption that accompanied her latest raunchy photo.

“You in my head all day. I might as well give you some,” wrote Vera Sidika.

Her clap back excited her fans and followers who camped in the comments section of her post to support her in her battle against a cross-section of Nigerian men.

While Vera Sidika received massive support from her fans, some Kenyan men backed Nigerian men, holding that indeed Vera Sidika’s behind is not that much appealing.

Vera Sidika’s response comes barely hours after she went viral online as Nigerian men mocked her *ss.

Vera Sidika posted a new raunchy photo as she responded to her critics. Photo: Queen Vee Bosset/Vera Sidika/Instagram.

YEIYO.com earlier reported that Vera Sidika has been globetrotting for work on a tour that started with Dubai and later, the US.

During her world tour, Vera Sidika made a number of appearances at different wet holes in the countries she has been touring.

The socialite clearly left a bad taste in the mouths of many Nigerian men during her recent appearance at an event targeting revelers from West Africa.

Vera Sidika, in her usual demeanor was spotted whining her waist and shaking her larger than life behind while entertaining fans alongside a Nigerian artiste.

Some people who were present at the event were blown away by her curves and edges.

However, many had alternative feelings and conclusions which they duly aired on social media.

Vera Sidika with her ex lover Brown Mauzo. Photo: Courtesy.

Various Nigerian gossip pages shared videos of Vera Sidika shaking her bum and asked their respective fans to comment about the same.

Well, many men who camped on the comments section of various posts on a number of Nigerian gossip pages mocked Vera Sidika’s bum, holding that it is unproportional.

A host of them admitted that indeed Vera Sidika is beautiful and curvy but her derriere does not look real even a bit.

Even with the subliminals, Vera Sidika is yet to respond as she has been busy putting in work while in the US, where she is at currently.

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