• Vera Sidika said her daughter is a princess and deserves all the good thing that comes with life

• A section of netizens could not believe Vera Sidika can spend a whopping KSh 500k on a babycot

Voluptous Vera Shikwekwe alias Vera Sidika is undoubtedly one of the richest socialites in Kenya.

Having given birth to her second child a couple of months ago, the curvy mother of two vowed to give her children the best there is in life.

It is for that particular reason that she recently imported a babycot from United Kingdom for her daughter Asia Brown.

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo have been giving their children the finer things in life. Photo: Vera Sidika/Instagram.

Since Vera Sidika is a public figure, she saw the need to update her fans and followers on her latest expensive purchase.

Vera Sidika recently took to Instagram and posted several photos of her daughter’s fancy and expensive babycot.

She went on to disclose the price through the caption on her post. According to Vera Sidika, she parted with KSh 500,000 to import the babycot from the UK.

She went on to add that her daughter deserves the best treatment and everything the world has to offer since she is a princess.

Vera Sidika claimed Asia Brown’s baby cot imported from UK cost her KSh 500k. Photo: Vera Sidika/Instagram.

“The KSh 500k babycot from UK is totally worth it!!! Royal and unique. Room fit for a princess Asia Brown,” Vera Sidika wrote.

Her post excited a multitude of her online followers who camped on the comments section to laud her for being such a loving and caring mum.

Well, while most people congratulated her for her efforts in being a better parent, a section of Kenyans had alternative reviews over the same.

A throng of netizens who also milled on the comments section of her post called her out for chasing clout at every opportunity she gets.

Many blasted her for probably lying about the price of her baby’s babycot holding that she is not as rich as she claims.

Some even reminded her of the many debts she has, having failed to pay some people for services rendered to her, among them comedian Akuku Danger.

According to Vera Sidika’s critics, she could have paid Akuku Danger the KSh 5,000 she owes him effortlessly if indeed she is rich as she alleges and can afford a KSh 500,000 baby crib.

Netizens called out Vera Sidika for being a perennial clout chaser. Photo: Vera Sidika/Instagram.

YEIYO.com understands Akuku Danger had earlier exposed Vera Sidika for refusing to pay him KSh 5,000 after offering sound system and emceeing services during one of her many events.

Vera Sidika, while defending herself from the expose admitted indeed she owes Akuku Danger the KSh 5,000 but could not pay him since he did not give her exactly what she wanted for her event.

It took the intervention of a local celebrity who paid the debt for Vera Sidika for the melee to come to an end.

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