• Dallas, Texas based Entertainer MC Rayan The DJ arrived in Kenya on August 19 for a month long clubs and media tour

• While in Kenya, MC Rayan The DJ will also be working with local artistes on a number of projects

Celebrated US-based Kenyan entertainer Brian Ngendo, known to many as MC Rayan The DJ is in the country for his official clubs and media tour, YEIYO.com has learnt.

This publication understands the Dallas, Texas based entertainer arrived in the country on August 19, 2023 for a month long tour scheduled to conclude on September 19 to stabilise his worldwide brand and stamp authority in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

MC Rayan The DJ is Kenya for a month long clubs and media tour. Photo: MC Rayan The DJ/Instagram.

Announcing his visit, excited MC Rayan took to his Instagram page and expressed his excitement as he looked forward to interact with his Kenyan fans.

“I will be in Kenya this month for a short tour and I am so excited to see all of you so we can share a musical journey together. Which club would you like to see me DJ?” He wrote.

While in Kenya, MC Rayan The DJ who is an Afrobeats artiste, disk jockey, record producer and an events promoter will be playing at different clubs even as he continues with his media tour.

The entertainer has so far been hosted by a number of TV and radio stations, not to mention a couple of online media entities.

MC Rayan The DJ will also be playing in a number of Kenyan clubs. MC Rayan The DJ/Instagram.

YEIYO.com understands MC Rayan The DJ has so far interacted with his Kenyan fans via Citizen TV’s show 10 Over 10, a number of radio stations and Kenyan Muziki, a local online TV.

MC Rayan The DJ also intends to make partnerships with different brands, work with Kenyan artistes on a number of collaborations and see what Kenya has to offer as he spirals his brand upwards.

Through an Instagram post seen by YEIYO.com, MC Rayan The DJ urged Kenyan entertainment stakeholders to reach out to him for club performance, outdoor shows and appearances just to mention but a few.

MC Rayan The DJ hanging out with KRG The Don. Photo: MC Rayan The DJ./Instagram.

The entertainer left his fans guessing just days into the country after sharing a photo of himself hanging out with Dancehall artiste KRG The Don.

Most of his fans concluded MC Rayan The DJ is most definitely cooking something with KRG The Don while in Kenya.

Apart from all that, MC Rayan The DJ who is also heavy on music production will be promoting his smash hits such as Chapa, Jekajo and Tingisha, specifically his recently released banger Classy.

YEIYO.com has learnt MC Rayan The DJ will also be meeting with a number of artiste to make plans to host them in the US where he usually organises sold-out shows mostly targeting Kenyans in Diaspora.

From YEIYO.com, to MC Rayan The DJ, welcome to Kenya.

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