• Trio Mio’s mother Irma Sakwa asked DCI to arrest thugs who threatened to shoot his son

• According to Irma who doubles up as Trio Mio’s manager, hee family is living in fear following the threats on the rapper’s life

• Trio Mio was recently robbed of his phone at gunpoint

Any mother will never be at ease whenever the lives of their children are threatened.

This, Trio Mio’s mother, Irma Sakwa recently brought to life after coming out to protect her celebrity son.

Taking to her Instagram page on Wednesday, June 7, Irma Sakwa posted a screenshot of a Twitter video from some mean looking young thugs threatening to kill Trio Mio as she expressed her fear and concern over her son’s life.

Mama Trio Mio is worried for her son’s life. Photo: UGC.

Trio Mio’s mother could not help but express how traumatised her family has been following the threat on the rapper’s life.

According to Irma, the family is yet to come to terms with Trio Mio’s recent attack when he was robbed at gunpoint.

Irma insisted that they are not at peace, especially after the second incidence where the random thugs threatened to harm her son.

Irma, who doubles up as Trio Mio’s manager called on the DCI to bring the thugs to book so that her family can at least enjoy some peace of mind.

“At times we take jokes too far. But this, hii Sio funny at all. My son not long ago got mugged at gun point and we are yet to get over the trauma. Then this??? DCI have you seen this? As a parent I humbly request for action to be taken against these characters! My heart is not at peace. May God protect my child.” Trio Mio’s mother Irma Sakwa pleaded.

Trio Mio’s mum asked DCI to help her nab the thugs. Photo: Irma Sakwa/Instagram.

It is not yet clear how the beef between Trio Mio and Thee Carbon started but judging by a caption on the latter’s video on Twitter, the former allegedly scammed them a fund drive money.

Thee Carbon insisted that they will hunt down Trio Mio and gun him down as they are not afraid of anything.

The Carbon, together with a yet to be identified character recorded themselves brandishing a pistol while threatening Trio Mio.

YEIYO.com ran through the culprits’ Twitter page and discovered the said video had been pulled down.

Thee Carbon 4 threatened to kill Trio Mio. Photo: Irma Sakwa/Twitter.

“Trio Mio we will kill you😮😮😮 Mbona utuibie pesa ya mchango 😮😮Tunakuua hatuogopi,” Thee Carbon wrote.

This comes barely two months after Trio Mio narrated how some thugs robbed him of his phone at gun point.

Speaking during a number of media interviews days after the incident, Trio Mio confirmed that he has never been that scared in his entire life.

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