• Trio Mio and his mother Irma Sakwa who is his manager have signed Shanty Bobo rapper’s record label Trouble Music Kenya

• Trouble Music Kenya is yet to unveiling Shanty Bobo but they have been working on various music projects set for release soon

The Kenyan music industry is fast growing at a supersonic speed with countless stakeholders doing the most.

Not only have artistes been dropping hits after hits but also preparing the ground for 2024.

Young Kenyan rapper Trio Mio is the latest artiste to drop hints about his massive plans to take over the global music scene in 2024.

Shanty Bobo has joined Trio Mio’s label Trouble Music Kenya. Photo: Trio Mio/Facebook.

YEIYO.com has learnt Trio Mio, in line with the aforementioned recently signed his first ever artiste under his record label Trouble Music Kenya.

The Cheza Kama Wewe hitmaker has signed his long time romantic “crush” Shanty Bobo to his fast-growing label.

The star may not have announced the latest addition to his label officially but his manager, Irma Sakwa who is his mother has been dropping hints on the aforementioned through a series of social media posts seen by YEIYO.com.

Manager Irma Sakwa

Trio Mio’s “Mumager” has been posting photos and videos of Shanty Bobo recording new songs and even shooting videos ahead of the official unveiling on her Instagram page.

Trio Mio and Shanty Bobo will now be managed by Irma Sakwa(Trio’s mother) under Trouble Music Kenya. Photo: Irma Sophia Sakwa/Facebook.

Judging by a number of posts made by Irma Sakwa, it is clear she is both proud and excited with the new development.

Shanty Bobo’s signing at Trouble Music Kenya did not come as a surprise to many people since Trio Mio and the former have been close friends, rather “Crushees” for some time now.

Shanty Bobo had in several earlier media interviews professed her undying love for Trio Mio.

Trio Mio and Shanty Bobo are some of Kenya’s youngest rappers. Photo: Kingpheezle/Instagram.

Trio Mio on his side has been returning positive vibes back.

A Trio From Trouble Music Kenya

With the latest turn of events, it is clear Manager Irma Sakwa, her son Trio Mio and Shanty Bobo are up for some amazing music partnership aimed at disrupting the airwaves.

It is important to note that Trio Mio and Shanty Bobo are some of Kenya’s youngest yet popular artistes with a number of hit songs under their belts.

The two young rappers are yet to hit 20.

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