Terence Creative demands school heads to change reporting time: “Its unfair”


• Terence Creative stated that the current reporting time for lower primary pupils is not fair

• The comedian insisted that children have been suffering with the current 7.00 am reporting time

• He advised teachers to reduce the holiday duration so they can cover their syllabus instead of forcing pupils to wake up at 3.00 am to prepare for school

Comedian and content creator Terence Creative has has had enough of the miseries young school going kids are going through even as they chase knowledge.

Being a parent himself, the entertainer recently took to social media to call for changes in the time pupils are supposed to report to school in the morning.

Terence Creative expressed his anger and disappointment while strongly condemning the current 6.00 am and 7.00 am reporting, rather checking in time for most schools across the country.

Terence Creative said it is unfair to force children to wake up at 3.00am for school. Photo: Terence Creative/Facebook.

According to the comedian, the current education system, especially the reporting time has caused more harm than good.

Terence held that there is no point in demanding lower primary school children to report to school by 7.00 am.

He noted that even comrades and other scholar such as PhD students do not report to school that early.

The Fredy Ngamwaya creator advised the Ministry of Education and school heads to review the reporting time and push it to at least 9.00 am so that pupils can enjoy their sleep, instead of waking up at 3.00 am to prepare for school.

He went on to add that the ministry can even reduce the holiday days so that teachers can cover the syllabus instead of forcing pupils to wake up in the dead hours of the night.

Terence Creative disclosed that many evils happening to school going kids usually happen during the early and late hours when they are going to and from school.

“Am super tired of hearing children abuse while they are going to school ,serekali si shule tu zianzange saa tatu,Watoto wanaamka 7AM wanaoga by 8 wako njiani time kuna mwangaza then wanatoka 3 pm by 6pm kila mtoto ako kwao,kwani nini hiyo inasomewa na watoto ama ni degree gani hiyo hata Watu wanasomea masters hakuna mtu huamka saa kumi na saa tisa,Let’s save our kids from rape victims. Wazazi kama mnaniskianga mniskie saa hii,Program ya shule ianzange 9 am .Heri mreduce holiday. We have hundreds kids suffering in silence #Shulezianze9Am” Terence wrote on Facebook.

Terence Creative’s proposal was supported by many Kenyans who held that indeed pupils, specifically children in the lower primary have been suffering with the early mornings.

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