• Stivo Simple Boy said Khaligraph Jones can now rest and let him crush TZ rappers with his unrivaled bars

• The former Men In Business signee reiterated that he is ready to kill the careers of TZ rappers

Freshi Barida hitmaker Stivo Simple Boy has finally come out to show support for Khaligraph Jones and other Kenyan rappers in the ongoing Hip Hop battle between Kenya and Tanzania.

Stivo Simple Boy on Saturday, August 26, confirmed he is ready to deal with Tanzanian rappers perpendicularly barely days after Khaligraph Jones poked them with a killer “diss” track dubbed Bongo Favour.

Through his unexpected subliminal aimed at Tanzanian rappers, Khaligraph Jones declared himself the King of Tanzanian Hip Hop as he called out various TZ rappers who have been quiet for a minute.

Stivo Simple Boy said he can deal with TZ rappers as a one man army. Photo: UGC.

Khaligraph Jones’ attack did not settle down well with a number of Tanzanian rappers including Femcee Rosa Ree who responded with an equally mad “diss” track dubbed Mama Omollo.

Following Rosa Ree’s release, yet another Kenyan Femcee Shekinah Karen unleashed an unrivaled rap song, hitting TZ rappers hard in a move that made them go back to the drawing board.

Jumping on the vibe following requests from countless Kenyan music fans, Stivo Simple Boy asked Khaligraph Jones to take several seats and rest and let him “murder” Tanzanian rappers who think they can beat Kenya, as far as Hip Hop music is concerned.

Kenyans had called on Stivo Simple Boy to protect the country’s honour against Tanzanian rappers. Photo: Stivo Simple Boy 8/Instagram.

Taking to his official Instagram page, Stivo Simple Boy who branded himself as the Rap General Stivo Simple Boy said he is ready to take on Tanzanian rappers and finish their careers.

The former Made in Kibra signee posted a photoshopped photo of himself in an army general regalia, followed by the caption;

“Mkuu wa Jeshi la Rap Defence Force aamua ushambulizi kwa ma rapper wa TZ. Mashambulizi ya makoroboshta zipo tayari na tunaomba Khaligraph Jones apumzike sisi tutamalizana na hawa watoto wa TZ mabomu ziko tayari, aaaaataaaaackkkkk!”

Stivo Simple Boy’s announcement excited a multitude of Kenyans who had earlier requested him to come out and show Tanzanian rappers which country between TZ and Kenya hosts proficient rappers.

It should be noted Stivo Simple Boy has been moving the masses with his lyrics, which is a mix of singing and rap.

Quite a number of Kenyans believe Stivo Simple Boy can crush Tanzania rappers who have been in deep slumbers for almost three years now.

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