• Stephen Letoo and colleague Chemutai Goin we’re so close during his house warming ceremony that netizens thought they are an item

• Photos of the two journalists embracing each other passionately sparked dating rumours

All roads on Saturday, October 14, led to Narok as Kenyans from all walks of lives trickled to the town for Citizen TV political reporter Stephen Letoo official housewarming party.

Stephen Letoo, on the aforementioned day opened his newly-built home in Kilgoris and invited countless notable personalities ranging from politicians to TV big wigs.

Being a senior political reporter at Citizen TV, the journalist used his influence to invite various politicians such as Narok governor Patrick Ole Ntuntu, Kisii governor Simba Arati, and Kilgoris MP Julius Sunkuli who honoured him with their presence.

Stephen Letoo’s housewarming ceremony was attended by politicians and his colleagues. Photo: Citizen Digital.

Of course, Stephen Letoo could not leave out his colleagues and bosses from Citizen TV, among them Linus Kaikai, Jamila Mohamed and others from other media houses such as Melitas Ole Tenges and Seth Olale both of NTV.

The journalist ensured fellow political and current affairs reporter Chemutai Goin did not miss the event.

Many were the guests that the ceremony had to be held at a nearby ground.

It was one hell of a housewarming ceremony and everything was tick.

Stephen Letoo and Chemutai Goin sparked dating rumours during the housewarming ceremony. Photo: Omwamba/Twitter.

The highlight of the whole event was Stephen Letoo’s romantic body language with his colleague Chemutai Goin.

Photos from the ceremony accessed by YEIYO.com showed Letoo and Goin embrace each other passionately in a move that left many netizens with more questions than answers.

Kenyans on Twitter did not waste even a minute in questioning the relationship between the two journalists.

Quite a number concluded the two could be an item owing to their closeness and show of affection towards each other during the housewarming ceremony.

Comments From Kenyans On X

Others, however, did not make the aforementioned conclusion but predicted Letoo and Goin could soon become one or rather could make a sweet couple.

Photos of the two in compromising positions went viral online and made Letoo the subject of an interesting Twitter debate.

So intense was the debate that the journalist trended at number one on Twitter for the better part of Saturday.

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