Spend Time With Successful People If You Want To Be A Rich, Mwenda Thuranira Advises


• Mwenda Thuranira said many young people are afraid of patronising expansive restaurants

• The real estate guru urges young Kenyans to challenge themselves and hang out in posh restaurants because that is where successful people spens their time

• He insisted that young people should be confident and believe in themselves if they want to succeed

MySpace CEO Mwenda Thuranira has once again spared some time to advise young Kenyans who want to become successful in life.

In his usual demeanor, the real estate guru took time to teach young Kenyans a few tricks on how to become successful in life.

Taking to his Facebook account, Mwenda Thuranira urges young people to always be confident and be ready to challenge themselves if they want to taste success.

Mwenda Thuranira said young people need to be confident and believe in themselves. Photo: Mwenda Thuranira/Facebook.

In a long post seen by Yeiyo.com, Mwenda Thuranira made it clear that one needs to hang out with successful people if they want to succeed in their lives.

Thuranira asked young people not to fear spending some money on bills at high-end hotels as that is where the rich and successful people hang out.

“Mimi hiyo hotel ni ya matajiri, siwezi ingia huko…”

If you want to became a billionaire you’ve got to have the confidence & the audicity to get into such places with big names, “Billionaire”, with just kshs 500 and get a glass of juice. Say “hello” to the person seated next to you, share ideas and who knows, you might be seated next to a billionaire, who will like your ideas. It’s about believing in the winner you are. Big business opportunities are highly likely to be found in places where the stuff are expensive.” Mwenda advised.

Mwenda insisted that spending, rather hanging out in dingy and cheap places will only attract cheap friends and acquaintances.

“In fact, where you find the cheap options, you only get people borrowing you. They even clap when you come in, knowing that ‘kiongos’ ameingia.
NB: It’s not about sponsors …🤣🤣,”
Mwenda Thuranira added.

His sound advice resonated with thousands of his fans and followers who camped on the comments section of his post to thank him for the valuable insight.

Just recently, Mwenda Thuranira took to social media to celebrate after his company, MySpace Properties achieved a major milestone.

Through his social media post, Mwenda Thuranira disclosed that his company had managed to book all empty spaces at the soon-to-be-completed MyTown strip mall in Kisii.

Thanks to his experience and expertise in real estate, Mwenda and his team managed to book all the shops barely 24 hours after putting up an online advertisement about the same.

Many business people and other Kenyans could not help but thank him for introducing and popularising the strip mall concept in Kenya.

It should be noted that Mwenda, through his company MySpace Properties has been on the forefront in giving Kenyan businesses durable and affordable spaces to operate from.

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