• Maria hitmaker Ali B succumbed to Pneumonia and high blood pressure on Wednesday, November 1

• Notable politicians, fellow celebrities and Kenyans a whole thronged social media platforms to mourn the legendary music act

Kenyans have been thrown into a sombre mood following the untimely demise of legendary musician Ally B.

Ally B, who is famed for massive hit songs such as Maria went to be with his maker on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 1, after short illness.

News of Ally B’s demise was confirmed by his family who disclosed he had earlier been diagnosed with Pneumonia.

Ally B died on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 1. Photo: UGC.

According to Ally B’s brother, the musician was struggling with Pneumonia but seemed to be in control and was even getting better.

Ally B breathed his last at the Coast Provincial General Hospital where he had been referred to after complaining of serious headache and body pains.

Sources intimate to late Ally B hissed that the musician seemed healthy when he travelled from Kilifi to Mombasa on Wednesday, November 1, to join his wife and children.

No sooner had Ally B lasted hours at his home in Mombasa that he started feeling bad, forcing his family to rush him to a nearby hospital from where he was referred to Makadara.

Kenyans camped on social media to mourn Ally B. Photo: Ally B/Facebook.

News of Ally B’s death hit many Kenyans terribly, especially his colleagues in the music industry.

Countless notable personality in the music industry took to different social media platforms to mourn the late Ally B who was one of the iconic music figures from Mombasa.

Nyota Ndogo wrote:

“My friend Ali B. Nimekataa kukuposti maana nilikua nimekataa kuamini kua umeniacha mimi beste yako. Dadaako yani urafiki wetu mpaka tulishukiwa tunatembea pamoja. Ali B nimelia sana nimeshindwa kujizuia hata mbele za wateja wangu. Mbele yako nyuma yetu. Mwenyezi MUNGU aiweke roho yako pema peponi.”

Meshack Jillani wrote:

“I have No words Jiranj yangu pale mshomoroni. Roho safi. The last time we talked uliniambia unarudi na Project kali sana tufanye interview. Rest in Peace Legend. Kwa Kweli ni uchungu sana kwangu. Zikilanazi will Live ON.”

Fundi Frank wrote:

“R.I.P Bro Ally B. Till we meet again.
One of the best artistes out of Msa and Kenya has rested. 🙏🏿😭😭 #Maria”

Hassan Joho wrote:

“It is with deep sorrow that I have learnt of the passing of a legendary musician Ali Khamisi Mwaliguli also known as Ally B. The ‘Ziki la Nazi’ hit maker has been a wellspring of inspiration for numerous emerging musicians in the coastal region and the country at large. My heartfelt condolences and profound sympathies extend to all his friends and family as we collectively mourn the loss of this truly remarkable and humble musician. May Allah (SWT) grant you all the strength and patience needed during this trying time. Inna lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’un.”

Fans from different parts of the country and the world were not left behind either as they too camped on social media to pass their respect while honouring Ally B’s sweet memories.

Ally B was one of the iconic music figures who fought to see the growth of Coast and Kenyan music in general.

He will be remembered for countless hit songs he released during his lifetime.

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