• Vera Sidika terrorised her male fans with a sexy photo of herself rocking a lingerie in a bathtub

• Vera Sidika’s seductive photo went viral online with countless men lusting over her on end

• Her photo came barely four months after welcoming her second baby with hubby Brown Mauzo

Change is inevitable and in most cases, many people usually morph into better versions of themselves with age and social and domestic responsibility as they mature.

However, not everyone is welcoming to the idea of change and curvy socialite Vera Sidika just confirmed to the world that she is among the few people who are ‘immune’ to change.

Vera Sidika and her alleged hubby Brown Mauzo welcomed their second child in March 2023. Photo: Vera Sidika/Instagram.

The mother of two, on Tuesday, July 11, shut down the internet after posting a photo of herself in a sexy black lingerie.

YEIYO.com bumped into a photo of Vera Sidika posing in a white bathtub while rocking a very seductive black lingerie that clearly exposed her perfect curves and edges.

In an unexpected Instagram post seen by this journo, the voluptuous socialite made it clear her aim was to come off as seductive as possible.

The mother of two, through her caption insisted that she is sexy, seductive and tantalising and she knows and is not ready to shy off from the aforementioned.

Vera Sidika broke the internet with her lingerie photo. Photo: Vera Sidika/Instagram.

“I’m the epitome of seduction. Turn up the heat, break all the rules and embrace my sexiness unapologetically.” Vera Sidika captioned her photo.

Well, as expected, Vera Sidika’s photo in a lingerie caused a melee online as countless men thronged the comments section of her post to gush over her on end.

A multitude of her male social media followers could not help but openly profess their love and affection for her even as they begged for a “one night stand” with her.

A section of netizens, however, specifically Vera Sidika’s fellow women found the post offensive owing to the fact that she is a mother of two.

Many even reminded her that she just welcomed a newborn baby barely three months ago, holding that any responsible mother should not be parading acres of her skin on social media for likes.

Vera Sidika with Brown Mauzo. Photo: Vera Sidika/Instagram.

As earlier reported by YEIYO.com, Vera Sidika and her hubby Brown Mauzo welcomed a bouncing baby boy in March 2023.

It should be noted the newborn is the couple’s second child.

Even after giving birth to her second child, Vera Sidika was out partying about two months after her delivery and was even spotted indulging in alcohol.

Her actions irked countless Kenyans on social media who wondered why a new mum, a breastfeeding one for that matter would take alcohol just weeks into motherhood.

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