Skiza: Popular gospel singer Stayrich Mwamra condemns artistes claiming to be broke


• Stayrich Mwamra shared screenshots whowing how much he had received from Skiza

• He noted it may not be millions but it is a decent amount that most artistes can use to invest in other businesses

• The gospel artiste said he has been using his Skiza Tune revenue to set up various ventures such as gas refilling services

Celebrated Kenyan gospel musician Stayrich Mwamra has come out to advise fellow artistes to invest the little money they get from royalties instead of blowing it all on soft life.

Stayrich Mwamra, famed for his hit song Jehova, on Sunday, June 25, took to social media to plead with fellow creatives to us whatever little they get from their music royalties to invest in different ventures which will in turn take care of their bills and other needs.

In a short, yet eye-opening post seen by on Stayrich Mwamra’s Facebook page, the gospel star shared with the world the amount of money he had received from Skiza for his two songs Jehova and Happy Birthday.

Stayrich Mwamra said revenue from Skiza Tune is not that much but can help artistes a great deal. Photo: Stayrich Mwamra/Facebook.

According to Stayrich Mwamra, the revenue from Skiza for his two song was not much but he found ways to use and multiply it so that it can help him in future.

The musician shared screengrabs of Mpesa messages clearly showing how much he earned from Skiza for his two songs.

Well, it was not a lot of money, but for any Kenyan with brains, it was an amount that can help one solve a myriad of financial issues in their lives.

The Jehova hitmaker reiterated that Kenyan artistes should invest the little revenue they get such as Skiza money to invest on other businesses which can multiply the aforementioned.

Stayrich disclosed that he has been using revenue from Skiza to improve his gas business which has been growing in leaps and bounds by the day.

He also revealed that the little money from his music has helped him improve his life by pumping it into his car dealership business.

“This is my royalties I received this month from SKIZA TUNES, and I used the money to add stock Niin my gas shop.
Since ever i started receiving skiza tune royalties I always invest that money. Since then the business is supporting me to pay my bills.
I only have two songs,

  1. Jehova-
  2. Happy Birthday -

Now am very much astonished to see big brands, very famous artists with albums begging each and everyday claiming they are broke🤔🙆‍♂️
Hadi wanatuekea Paybills tuwachangie, watu sio wajinga buana! Stop livings lavish. Invest in those royalties hata kama ni kidogo, kila mbuzi hula kwa urefu wa kamba yake!”
Stayrich Mwamra wrote.

He held that Kenyan artistes should stop craving for lavish lifestyles which eats up all their earnings but instead lead a decent life and invest the extra money for their own good.

Stayrich Mwamra used revenue from his Skiza Tune to stock up his gas refilling business and cyber cafe. Photo: Stayrich Mwamra/Facebook.

His word of advise was echoed by many Kenyans who agreed with him that most local celebrities misuse their money then come out to plead for help when things go south. understands Stayrich Mwamra was recently nominated to the 2023 Taveta Talent Awards.

The artiste will be battling it out with other stars in the Talent of the year to watch out category.

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