• Ziky Mtanah announced to his fans via Facebook that thieves broke into his shop and stole everything

• The burglary came barely a month after he was reported to police for convincing someone’s wife to expose massive skin on his new music video

When it rains, it pours.

Mombasa-based artiste Ziky Mtanah seems to be having a very rough 2022 judging by the many misfortunes befalling him lately.

Barely days after being dragged to a police station over his new music video, the musician has been hit by yet another terrible encounter.

Ziky Mtanah has been dealing with countless misfortunes lately. Photo: Ziky Mtanah/Facebook.

YEIYO.com has learnt Ziky Mtanah is currently counting loses after burglars broke into his shop and made away with everything.

News about the burglary was first made public by Ziky Mtanah himself through a sad social media post seen by this writer.

The musician posted a video showing his ransacked shop showing the extent of loss he was dealing with following the robbery.

Ziky Mtanah did not disclose the location of the shop or the exact date the robbery occured but confirmed the burglars dealt him a major blow.

According to Ziky Mtanah, the thieves stole everything, leaving him with nothing but a shell of a shop.

“Wezi wezi yani mumeona munirudishe nyuma kwa kunivunjia duka langu na kuenda na kila kitu” Ziky Mtanah captioned the sad video.

His post touched the hearts of many netizens who felt sorry for him.

Hundreds of his fans camped on the comments section of his post to encourage and console him following the burglary.

The burglary at Ziky Mtanah’s shop came barely a month after he was entangled in a scandal following the release of his new music video featuring Susumila, Can We.

Ziky Mtanah with video vixens during the Can We video shoot. Photo: Ziky Mtanah/Facebook.

As earlier reported by YEIYO.com, Ziky Mtanah had a difficult time after the husband to one of the video vixens on his video demanded him to pull it down from YouTube.

According to the hubby, Ziky Mtanah had convinced his wife to wear scanty outfits, exposing acres of her skin to the world, something that did not settle down well with him.

Ziky did not delete the video in a move that saw the hubby file a police case at the Diani Police Station.

The musician was summoned and after a moment of argument, it was agreed that the hubby should pay Ziky Mtanah KSh 2 million for damages before the video is pulled down.

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