• Singer Stayrich Mwamra exhuded confidence as he disclosed he will be running for the Mwatate Constituency MP seat in 2027

• He disclosed he stands a chance owing to the fact that the current Mwatate MP will be going for the Gubernatorial seat in the upcoming General Election

Revered gospel musician Stayrich Mwamra has decided to join the likes of comedian Jalang’o in politics all in a bid to help better his community as an elected leader.

Stayrich Mwamra has officially announced his political bid, YEIYO.com has been made aware.

The musician who is famed for his hit song Jehova recently disclosed that he will be vying for a political seat come 2027.

Stayrich Mwamra will be vying for Mwatate Constituency MP seat in 2027. Photo: Stayrich Mwamra/Facebook.

Stayrich Mwamra, through his official Facebook page revealed that he is eyeing the Mwatate Constituency MP seat in the upcoming General Election.

Breaking the news to his fans and followers, the star noted that he wants to clinch the seat so that he can turn Mwatate into a modern city.

Mwamra, through his post also added that his main aim is to create employment for fellow youths, nurture talents, improve education standards, infrastructure and health care in the consistency should he clinch the seat in 2027.

He also pointed out that he will work hard to solve the land issues which has been troubling Mwatate residents for decades now once he becomes a Member of Parliament.

“I will be vying for Member of Parliament Mwatate Constituency 2027. My vision is to create employment for my fellow youths, nurture talents, good infrastructure, health care, education, solve land issues, etc. My dream is to make Mwatate a modern city 🔥🔥🔥💪 May God make my dream come true🙏,” Stayrich Mwamra wrote on Facebook.

Stayrich Mwamra’s political bid was supported by countless of his supporters who urged him to forge forward since he stands a chance.

YEIYO.com understands the current Mwatate MP will be vying for a Gubernatorial seat come 2027, therefore giving Mwamra a fighting chance since there are no strong and serious contenders at the moment.

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