• Ricc Berry used his social media pages to condemn the many Cultic churches popping up in large numbers by the day

• The Overdose hitmaker requested the government to crack the whip on TV stations that give platforms to cultic prophets

• His plea comes in the wake of the fake prophet Paul MacKenzie’s scandal that has so far seen the loss of hundreds of lives

Celebrated Kenyan musician Ricc Berry has joined the list of few local celebrities who have officially aired their sentiments over the ongoing ‘Prophet’ Paul MacKenzie’s scandal.

Just like most Kenyans on social media, Ricc Berry strongly differed with MacKenzie’s teaching, holding that the government should intervene and do something before the country loses masses.

Taking to his official Facebook page, Ricc Berry who is famed for his hit song “Overdose”, made it clear that Kenyans are tired of the many fake prophets popping up.

Kenyan musician Ricc Berry asked the government to shut down TV stations that give fake prophets platforms. Photo: Ricc Berry/Facebook.

In a social media post seen by Yeiyo.com, the “Overdose” hitmaker called on the government to ban all church services aired on national TV, especially those which mislead the masses.

According to Ricc Berry, most pastors take advantage of unsuspecting Kenyans and fleece them through their many TV televangelism, using fake miracles.

Ricc Berry insisted that Kenya will avoid a myriad of such scandals if they consider dealing with regulated men of God.

The musician who is currently riding high with his hit song “Overdose” went on to add that most fake pastors use the easily available TV channels, rather stations to get to their targets, in this case, naive Kenyans.

“Kenyan Government should shut down all these TV stations broadcasting LIVE Church events because they keep on brainwashing citizens with fake miracles,” Ricc Berry posted on Facebook.

Paul MacKenzie forced his followers to starve themselves to death. Photo: Twitter.

Ricc Berry’s sentiments come barely days after it was established ‘Prophet’ Paul MacKenzie had caused the death of over 80 Kenyans by forcing them to observe dry-fasting.

Ricc Berry came out to bash and condemn Mackenzie’s moves not long after dropping his much-anticipated hit song, “Overdose”.

As earlier reported by a cross section of the Kenyan media, Ricc Berry’s song, “Overdose” enjoyed a warm reception from music lovers across the world.

Unlike most Kenyan artistes, Ricc Berry broke the bank to ensure his fans get the best there is as far as quality music songs and videos are concerned.

Yeiyo.com understands Ricc Berry dropped the song a couple of weeks ago but has managed to prove to the world that he is a force to reckon with, thanks to the numbers it accrued on YouTube.

“Overdose” by Ricc Berry may not be his first hit song but with it, the star confirmed he is ready to cut a niche for himself as he even topples Otile Brown over with massive jams while at it.

The Eldoret-based musician has over the past few years shown great potential in the industry by dropping nothing but hit songs, fit to be rivaled with soulful musician, Otile Brown.

To prove that indeed “Overdose” is a hit song, the ham garnered an impressive 20k views in the first few days of its debut on YouTube and other music streaming platforms.

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