• Mr Lenny had out a break on mainstream media but was still getting booked for shows prior to COVID-19

• Mr Lenny disclosed that he struggled financially just moments after taking a break from music

The dynamics in the Kenyan music industry have taken different twists and turns, contrary to what most legendary musicians think, rather used to think.

Nowadays, the formula has really changed as the audience no longer responds to products, in this case artistes and their songs the way they used to do a couple of years ago.

This, one-time Kenya’s King of collabos Lenson Njuki Wa Ng’ang’a known to many as Mr Lenny learnt the hard way, if his recent revelation is anything to go by.

Mr Lenny said taking a break from music was a bad idea. Photo: SDE.

Mr Lenny who was the spice of every Kenyan hit song in early 2000s has admitted that he regrets taking a hiatus from music to focus on business.

According to Mr Lenny, his break from the music industry dealt him a major blow as he struggled to make a comeback in vain.

Speaking during an interview with Mwafreeka on his Iko Nini YouTube show, Mr Lenny disclosed that he struggled financially just moments after taking a break from music.

The Wasee Tumetoka Githurai star revealed that he stepped back from music to launch his events company with the hopes of making a killing.

All was well until 2020 when COVID-19 erupted, paralysing countless entertainment businesses.

The musician noted that his events business crumbled and rendered him financially challenged.

Mr Lenny disclosed COVID-19 sunk affected his events business. Photo: Mr Lenny/Instagram.

He stated that he wish he did not take the break since he would have been making money through music even as his events business struggled to break even.

“I really regret taking a break from music. You know I thought my events business will pick up but COVID-19 came and dismantled everything. If I was still doing music, I would have made some money from it and stay afloat.” Said Mr Lenny.

Of importance to note is the fact that Mr Lenny used to get booked for shows and events despite having put a break on mainstream media prior to COVID-19.

During the interview, Mr Lenny also let the world inside his marriage life as he narrated how the mother of his two children left him when he could not provide for his family.

Mr Lenny is Kenya’s King of Collabos. Photo: Courtesy.

Mr Lenny admitted that he is partly to blame for his breakup with baby mama since he could not provide for his family well due to challenges he was facing in his events business.

It should be noted that Mr Lenny is one of Kenya’s legendary musicians who played a pivotal role pushing and promoting the Kenyan music, not to mention taking it to even greater heights.

He is one of the few musicians with the most collabos with fellow Kenyan artistes.


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