• The lady who goes by Easy Love shared a list of men she had infected with HIV

• Her exposé shook the interwebs with quite a number of Kenyan men pushed on the edge of their seats with worry

HIV/AIDS is real and many people are getting infected by the day, some with their knowledge and others, a majority, without.

This was recently brought to life by a beautiful university student who broke the internet after sharing a long list of men she had infected with the deadly virus.

The TUM student shocked many after exposing list of men she infected with HIV. Photo: Easy Lovie/Instagram.

As the story goes, the cute Technical University Of Mombasa comrade, who goes by Essie Lovie recently took to Instagram to expose the men she had slept with and intentionally infected them with HIV.

It is not yet clear what triggered her exposé but the same shook Kenya, especially the interwebs.

Through a horrifying Instagram post, the lass somewhat tried to confirm to some people that she was not lying when she disclosed she was living with HIV.

Essy said the men she slept with should go and check their HIV status. Photo: Easy Lovie/Instagram.

Essy’s exposé shook a multitude of Kenyans who either suspected could land on her list or people they know could contribute to the beauty’s body count.

“Please stop overcrowding in my inbox, I urge you to face the reality of your condition without delay. For those who doubt the seriousness of this matter, I challenge you to accompany any person from the aforementioned list to the nearest VCT center and disclose and move on and it is time for you to do the same. Embrace this fact, find peace within you, and progress with your lives accordingly.” Essy wrote.

Essy’s list left netizens shook. Photo: Essie Lovie/Instagram.

It is not yet clear if the comrade’s revelation is real or just a ploy to scare people and attract publicity while at it.

However, this is a developing story which YEIYO.com is following closely and will duly update you as new details unfold.

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