• Sheilah Sheldone disclosed her mother’s surgery in India was successful

• The artist thanked Kenyans for their prayers and contributions towards her mother’s hospital bill

• Sheilah and her mum had earlier been blasted for allegedly trying to scam Kenyans through the medical appeal

Celebrated child artist Sheilah Sheldone’s mother is out of danger, at least for now, Yeiyo.com has learnt.

Sheilah’s mother and her daughter flew to India a couple of days ago for specialised surgery and the process was a total success, according to the latter.

The artist shared the good news with her followers on social media as she thanked Kenyans for their prayers and financial support.

Sheilah Sheldone’s mum underwent a successful surgery in India. Photo: Sheilah Sheldone/Facebook.

In an Instagram post seen by Yeiyo.com, Sheilah posted a video of her mother being wheeled out of a ward and updated Kenyans on the latest development.

Sheilah Sheldone made her caption very short and clear in a move that lightened the hearts of many Kenyans.

“Thank you for your prayers and support. The surgery was successful, glory and honour back to you Jesus Christ,” Sheldone wrote.

Her post was received well by quite a number of Kenyans who prayed that Sheldone’s mum recovers fully soon.

The latest development comes on the back of a fierce online troll, with Sheilah Sheldone being the main subject and target.

As earlier reported by a cross section of the Kenyan media, netizens picked issue with Sheldone and her mum after unconfirmed reports indicated their initial hospital bill fund drive was a ploy to scam Kenyans.

Some quotas even went as far as claiming Sheldone and her mum came up with the ploy to raise money to relocate to the US.

However, Sheilah vindicated herself by bringing out receipts and evidence to prove indeed her mother was sick and needed urgent medical attention.

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