• Samidoh shared a family photo with his wife and kids at the JKIA on their way to the US

• The singer’s wife Edday Nderitu confirmed they had arrived in the US to explore and have fun

• Just recently, Edday Nderitu announced she’s expecting her fourth baby with Samidoh

Many Kenyan, rather African men really wish they could practice polygamy.

Well, as much as polygamy seems like a walk in the park, it has never been child’s play for many men.

This, many men in polygamous unions such as Mugithi star Samidoh can confirm.

Samidoh flew his wife and kids to US for a holiday days after Karen Nyamu tried to hurt the singer’s wife. Photo: UGC.

Unlike most men who find it hard to manage their polygamous families, Samidoh seems to have cracked the code and knows exactly what to do to make both his first wife Edday Nderitu and his baby mama Karen Nyamu happy.

Yeiyo.com has learnt that Samidoh has recently been trying to put his house in order in the best way possible.

The Mugithi crooner, after ‘hurting’ his wife Edday thought it wise to make it up to her with a random holiday in the US.

News about Samidoh, his wife and kids’ holiday was first hinted by the musician after sharing a photo of themselves at the JKIA, ready for their flight to the US.

The same was ‘underlined’ by Samidoh’s wife Edday who posted photos of herself with her babies at a Boston airport, moments after landing on the US.

Samidoh’s wife and kids at a Boston airport. Photo: Edday Nderitu/Instagram.

“USA here we are ready to explore and have fun,” Edday quoted the photo.

The latest development proved to be a win for Edday who has been fighting with fellow co-wife Karen Nyamu over Samidoh.

As earlier reported by Yeiyo.com, Karen Nyamu posted a video of herself with Samidoh looking all loved up.

The video sparked mixed reactions on social media with quite a number of people bashing Karen Nyamu for trying so hard to break Samidoh and Edday’s marriage.

Immediately after Karen Nyamu and Samidoh’s romantic video, Edday broke the news that she was expecting her fourth child with the musician.

Edday’s fans and supporters took to different social media to congratulate her as they threw shade at Karen Nyamu, whom they labeled a loser in the battle for Samidoh’s heart.

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