• Ricc Berry pleaded with Kenyans to help him get in touch with Brenda Otieno for possible work engagement

• Brenda Otieno had taken to social media to threaten Bahati with a legal suit for failing to pay her for her services

• The curvaceous lady was the main video vixen on Bahati’s song Adhiambo

Overdose hitmaker Ricc Berry has expressed his interest in working with Brenda Otieno, the cute lady who was the main video vixen on Bahati’s song Adhiambo.

The Eldoret-based musician pleaded with the media and the public at large to help him get in touch with the curvaceous video vixen for a possible work engagement.

Taking to his Facebook page on Wednesday, May 17, Ricc Berry insisted that he wants to engage Brenda Otieno for his upcoming music video.

Ricc Berry said he is willing to work with Brenda Otieno and pay her handsomely. Photo: Bahati/Instagram.

The King of Eldoret as he is referred to by many insisted that unlike other musicians who have worked with Brenda before, he will pay her handsomely.

“Hello kenya media and the public👋 kindly tell her that I want to work with her and pay her.. double what Bahati was to pay ..any contacts please,” Ricc Berry wrote.

Yeiyo.com understands Ricc Berry does not play when it comes to featuring hot, curvy and top video vixens in Kenya in most of his music videos.

It should be noted Ricc Berry has in the past featured countless socialites such as Manzi Wa Kibra.

The star actually featured Manzi Wa Kibra in his music video Pishori, which was received well by music lovers across the world.

Ricc Berry’s public plea for Brenda Otieno came barely hours after the lass took to social media to threaten singer Bahati with a legal suit.

Ricc Berry has previously worked with many Kenyan socialites such as Manzi Wa Kibra. Photo: Ricc Berry/Facebook.

In an Instagram rant video seen by Yeiyo.com, Brenda Otieno gave Bahati 24 hours to pay her for her role in Adhiambo, failure to which she will take legal action.

According to Brenda, Bahati has failed to pay her dues months after working with him on Adhiambo.

She wondered why Bahati had withheld her money yet the song which currently stands at 22 million views on YouTube was a total success.

Bahati is yet to respond.

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