• Ethan Muziki and Kinoti’s could not hold back their excitement following their sold-out show at Sarit Centre

• Kenyan music lovers turned up in large numbers and filled up the venue, causing a security risk

For some time now, there have been heated debated on and offline on whether the Kenyan music industry really deserves the much-needed support from Kenyans or not.

A section of Kenyans have been adamant with claims that Kenyan artistes have not been releasing good song, therefore can never attract an impressive audience.

Hundreds of Kenyans came out to support Ethan Muziki and Kinoti. Photo: UGC.

Well, their argument was recently watered down during the Festival Of Sound And Art event held at the Sarit Center over the weekend.

YEIYO.com understands all roads on Saturday, September 2, led to Sarit Centre, where hordes of Kenyans thronged for the Festival Of Sound and Art.

The event had a lineup of countless Kenyans artistes but a throng of revelers who showed up for the event turned up to support fast-rising musicians Ethan Muziki and Kinoti.

The venue was filled to capacity in a move that presented a security risk. Photo: UGC.

Performing alongside a band, the two musicians who were among the last entertainers to perform gave an incredible performance that left attendees asking for more.

The best part, rather the highlight of the whole event was the fact that the venue was packed to capacity in a move that presented a security threat.

Kenyans from all walks of lives, from young to old came out in large numbers and filled the venue to the brim all in a bid to support their own talented artistes, Ethan Muziki and Kinoti.

The turn out impressed many Kenyans, especially netizens who could not help but confirm that indeed locals love their own artistes, contrary to earlier claims.

Kenyans on social media were impressed by the good turn out. Photo: UGC.

With the impressive turn out, countless Kenyans especially the online community concluded that Kenyan music is dope and can go even further with supporrt from fans.

Many insisted that Kenyan music lovers heart local content, only that they rarely get the chance to interact with most of them.

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