• Coast artiste Remcy Don looks everything like American star Jason Derulo

• Kenyan ladies have been flocking Remcy Don’s social media pages just to gush and list over him on end

It goes without saying that most ladies, locally and globally will go for men with good looks and overlook the alternative who are even loaded like nobody’s business.

Most, if not all Kenyan ladies have celebrity crushes and American singer Jason Derulo happens to be among the few celebrities killing ladies softly with his looks.

Remcy Don and Jason Derulo look alike. Photo: Remcy Don/Facebook.

Well, a Kenyan musician recently brought the internet to a standstill after his photos went viral on social media.

The artiste who goes by Remcy Don has left many ladies high and not so dry with his striking resemblance with Jason Derulo.

Countless photos of Remcy Don sighted by YEIYO.com are perfect proof that indeed he is Jason Derulo’s doppelganger.

Remcy Don calls himself the Kenyan Jason Derulo. Photo: Remcy Don/Facebook.
Jason Derulo during a performance. Photo: UGC.

From his hairdo, to beards to looks, Remcy Don looks exactly like Jason Derulo.

That is not all, Remcy Don can easily be confused for Jason Derulo since his dress code too resembles the US singer’s.

Quite a number of ladies who bumped into Remcy Don’s photo on social media could not help but gush over him on end with a multitude sending in their application to be his lover.

Ladies have been dying softly with Remcy Don’s striking resemblance to Jason Derulo. Photo: Remcy Don/Facebook.
Most ladies have been crushing on Jason Derulo over his looks. Photo: Courtesy.

A number of ladies have even been posting side by side photos of Remcy Don and Jason Derulo just to flaunt the artiste even as they claimed association.

Remcy Don, who hails from Mombasa has various similarities with Jason Derulo.

Just like the American star Jason Derulo, Remcy Don is equally talented and boasts of a number of hit songs, including a collabo with former Ethic Entertainment member, Rekles.

Remcy Don knows he resembles Jason Derulo and has been trading using his stage name as well as the Kenyan Jason Derulo.

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