• Nonini disclosed that he lost countless cooperate deals because of his lyrics

• He advised upcoming artistes to polish and clean up their lyrics if they want to win with cooperates

US-based Kenyan rapper Nonini has for the umpteenth time proven that he is indeed “The Godfather of Genge Music”.

With the title comes a number of responsibilities bestowed on his shoulders and this, he has managed to handle effortlessly and diligently.

The Keroro hitmaker recently took to social media to teach young and upcoming artistes some tricks and strategies they should apply if they want to bag lucrative deals from the Kenyan cooperate world.

Nonini confirmed he lost countless cooperate deals at his prime because of his music. Photo: UGC.

Nonini, who burst into fame with massive countless hits laced with vulgar lyrics disclosed the same does not apply and work at present day.

The rapper admitted that indeed his songs were characterised with lewd lyrics and the same hurt his chances of landing mouth-watering deals with cooperates.

While responding to a tweep who had earlier used him as an example of artistes who lost countless deals because of their lyrics, Nonini confirmed dirty lyrics no longer sell.

If anything, it will only affect artistes brands and bar them from closing lucrative deals with big companies in the cooperate world.

Nonini said Artistes should readjust and do away with lewd lyrics if they want to get cooperate shows and deals. Photo: Courtesy.

According to Nonini, he could not close deals during his prime time since most boardrooms were filled with feminists who could not tolerate his lyrics.

However, Nonini noted that all is not lost for young and upcoming artistes who can still rake in a lot of money but only if they clean up their lyrics.

Nonini reiterated that young Kenyans artistes, especially those pushing the Gengetone genre can only win if they readjust and produce cooperate-friendly content.

The artiste insisted that Kenya is still behind and it will take time for cooperates to start working with artistes known for their lewd lyrics.

He noted that Kenya is not like the US where artistes thrive despite dirty lyrics.

Nonini revealed US artistes do not really care about bagging deals with cooperates as long as they are commanding massive numbers on music streaming platforms and social media.

“It is because Kenya is peculiar and the boardrooms then had alot of feminists. But look at markets like US cardi b, Nikki and all other hip hop acts Bora you got numbers mambo sawa. Now KE Inabidi unaelewa Una re-adjust 😁” Nonini wrote.

Nonini’s revelation came hot on the heels of damning complaints from Rap group Wakadinali, directed at organisers of the just concluded Oktobafest.

Scar Mkadinali called out EABL for ignoring Wakadinali and going for Diamond Platnumz for the Oktobafest. Photo: Scar Mkadinali.

Scar Mkadinali, a member of Wakadinali had earlier taken to social media to take shots at EABL for skipping them for Diamond Platnumz.

In a WhatsApp status update seen by YEIYO.com, Scar Mkadinali insisted that the Kenyan audience wanted Wakadinali for the event and not Diamond Platnumz, who is a foreigner.

However, a section of netizens jumped to EABL’s defense holding that no serious cooperate company can book Wakadinali for shows due to their dirty and gangsta-inspired songs.

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