• Rayvanny and Fahyvanny got back together recently after about 2 years apart

• The musician got a tattoo of his baby mama’s name on his wrist to prove his affection towards her

• Rayvanny recently featured Fahyvanny as the main video vixen in his new music video

Next Level Music CEO Rayvanny has proven to the world that he loves his baby mama Fahyvanny, with everything he has.

The musician recently confirmed to the world that he can do just about anything to express his love and affection towards Fahyvanny.

This is after Rayvanny shared a video of himself at a tattoo parlour getting Fahyvanny’s name inked on his wrist.

The star, through his Instagram page, shared a photo of Fahyvanny and a video showing off his new tattoo, followed by a cheeky caption.

Rayvanny jokingly disclosed that any sane man would have tattooed Fahyvanny’s name on his body, given the opportunity to be in love with the lass.

“Hata ingekuwa wewe ungechora tu,” Rayvanny wrote.

Rayvanny’s latest but unexpected move sparked mixed reactions on social media with quite a number of netizens claiming he had lost track.

Others, however, lauded him for his way of showing love to his baby mama, holding that Fahyvanny deserves the best in life.

Yeiyo.com had earlier reported that Rayvanny and Fahyvanny got back together about a month ago.

The two had parted ways for a couple of years following claims Rayvanny was a cheat.

It seems they ironed out their issues and got back together, and even went ahead to clap back at haters through Rayvanny’s latest music video, in which Fahyvanny played the main video vixen.

Ray and Fahy both share a son.

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