Professor Jay, Khaligraph Jones confess Kaa La Moto is the next king of Hip Hop


• Professor Jay took to social media to praise Kaa La Moto for his talent and rap skills

• He disclosed that hip hop is in safe hands of rappers such as Kaa La Moto

• Khaligraph Jones also joined in and confirmed Kaa La Moto is a force to reckon with in the hip hop game

For the longest time now rapper Brian Omollo Ouko alias Khaligraph Jones has been known as Kenya’s if not Africa’s top hip hop artiste.

This position, he has held so well and represented the country perfectly, winning accolades while at it.

Well, Khaligraph Jones may be flying the Kenyan flag up high in the hip hop arena but clearly he needs a helper to assist him push Kenyan hip hop to even greater heights.

Professor Jay confirmed Kaa La Moto is the best in the hip hop game. Photo: Professor Jay/Instagram.

Popular Mombasa-based rapper Kaa La Moto Kiumbe seems to be the perfect figure to help Khaligraph Jones take Kenyan hip hop up the world charts judging by recent comments from East Africa’s hip hop giants.

Kaa La Moto has been doing exemplarily well in the hip hop arena in a move that has earned him a spot at the high table.

This became apparent on Friday, June 30, after legendary Tanzanian rapper Professor Jay and Kenya’s crème de la crème hip hop star Khaligraph Jones took to social media to crown Kaa La Moto as the next king of hip hop in Africa.

Kaa La Moto, who has been in Tanzania for shows and media tour impressed Professor Jay who could not help but take to social media to gush over him and his rap talent on end.

In a long Instagram post seen by, Professor Jay shared Kaa La Moto’s video during an interview in Tanzania as he lauded him for his unrivalled talent.

Professor Jay and Khaligraph Jones gave Kaa La Moto his flowers on social media. Photo: Professor Jay/Instagram.

Not only did Professor Jay congratulate Kaa La Moto for his talent but also his intellect which he held was top-notch.

According to Professor Jay, the East African hip hop is in safe hands with Kaa La Moto leading the bandwagon of new age hip hop stars.

Professor Jay insisted that he had seen many talented rappers but his heart rested after coming across Kaa La Moto who has exhibited much confidence in taking the East African hip hop further.

“Nimeishi nikiahuhudia wadogo zetu wakifanya game na kupokea kijitu baada ya Sisi, Ila huyu Mwamba Kaa La Moto ni balaa nyingine kabisa. Out of this planet. Jinsi anajua vitu vingi, anavyorelax kwenye uchanaji, anavyofikiria papo Kwa hapo, flow na delivery ni legendary kabisa. Mungu akuzidishie na Asante sana Kwa kuendeleza movement Kwa level hizi za juu kabisa. Hakika hii imenipa nguvu Sana kwamba hip hop ipo kwenye mikono salama,” Professor Jay celebrated.

Khaligraph Jones admitted Kaa La Moto is a beast when it comes to hip hop. Photo: Khaligraph Jones/Instagram.

Professor Jay’s sentiments were echoed by Kenya’s number one hip hop artiste Khaligraph Jones who admitted that indeed Kaa La Moto is a force to reckon with.

“Untouchable when it comes to off the top freestyles no doubt, one bad ninja right there,” Khaligraph Jones wrote.

With the two hip hop heads stamping Kaa La Moto’s credibility, the latter clearly is the best there is in the game right now.

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