• Professor Hamo made it clear that Jemutai is the mother of his children but not his current lover

• Hamo was forced to come out clean after it emerged he was traveling to the UK for a comedy tour alongside Jemutai

Nakuru born and raised comedian Professor Hamo has vehemently shut down claims that he is still together with his baby mama and fellow comedian Jemutai.

Professor Hamo was forced to set the record straight after it emerged he was traveling to the United Kingdom for a comedy tour alongside the mother of his two children, Jemutai.

The comedian had to come out clean after he was asked by Faydee Media if he was aware he was flying to the UK alongside Jemutai.

Professor Hamo admitted Jemutai is the mother of his children but not his current lover. Photo: Prof Hamo/Instagram.

Professor Hamo acknowledged Jemutai as the mother of his children but strongly refuted allegations that she is his current lover.

“Huyo si mamaa, ni mama. Kwani mimi ni mtoto wake? Ni mama ya watoto. Kila mtu anaenda kivyake na anakalia kiti yake. Sijaenda kuchapa show na yeye,” Professor Hamo said.

YEIYO.com understands Professor Hamo and Jemutai are among the five Churchill Show comedians who will be shutting down UK on a comedy tour.

The comedy tour will also see Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones thrill his fans in the UK, alongside his Kenyan counterparts.

Jemutai and Professor Hamo started dating in 2015 after meeting at Churchill Show. Photo: Prof Hamo/Jemutai Comedian/Instagram.

It is paramount to note that Professor Hamo and Jemutai first met on Churchill Show in 2015.

Their love for each other could not keep them off each other as they ended up dating barely three months after meeting on the show.

Their romantic relationship led to Jemutai carrying her first pregnancy for Professor Hamo and duly gave birth to their first child months later.

However, things went south after getting their second baby.

Jemutai had a couple of years ago exposed Professor Hamo as a deadbeat dad. Photo: Jemutai Comedian/Prof Hamo/Instagram.

As earlier reported by a cross section of the Kenyan media, Jemutai came out and exposed Hamo as a deadbeat dad, having landed a new babe with whom he sired.

Hamo and Jemutai treated Kenyans to an exciting soap opera as they both threw shade at each other following the initial exposè.

It took the intervention of Kenya’s top public figures such as Churchill himself and Robert Burale for the two to finally squash their beef and chose to coparent in harmony.

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