• Shirko shared a video of himself rehearsing on his violin before hitting the stage in Lamu

• His prowess on the violin impressed many public figures including Kenya’s former youngest Deputy Minister Nadia Ahmed Abdalla

• Shirko is a holder of the National Heroes award from former President Uhuru Kenyatta

Shirko Media CEO Awadh Salim on Saturday, June 3, shut down the internet with his excellent skills on the violin.

YEIYO.com understands Awadh Salim, known to many as Producer Shirko was among entertainers at the Infinix Nots 30 launch held in Lamu.

The colourful launch was hosted at the Majlis Resort, in Lamu and saw the attendance of many public figures and the general public.

Shirko is a professional violinist. Photo: Shirko/Facebook.

Well, prior to his set on stage, Producer Shirko was captured on camera rehearsing on his violin.

The video was later shared on his social media pages, namely Facebook and Instagram.

His flawlessness on the stringed musical instrument impressed many people including public figures who could not help but laud his exceptional talent.

Former Youngest Deputy Minister in Kenya, Nadia Ahmed Abdalla, revered Bongo Flava producers Master Jay, popular filmmaker Hamza of One Montage Films and former TUKO.co.ke’s journalist Douglas Baya are just but a few of the notable names who thronged the comments section of Shirko’s video post to give him a part on the shoulder for his skills on the violin.

Shirko was appointed as a Talanta Hela Council committee member. Photo: Shirko/Facebook.

This, however, did not come as a surprise to many since Shirko is a seasoned sound engineer who can play nearly all music instruments.

The violin happens to be his forte and has proven just that through a number of hit songs he produced both in Tanzania and Kenya.

It should be noted that Shirko happens to be one of the Talanta Hela Council committee members who have been working tirelessly to shape and possible change the Kenyan entertainment industry for the better.

In 2021, Shirko was awarded the National Heroes award by former President Uhuru Kenyatta to appreciate his efforts in transforming the music industry.

Shirko with his best friend Amoury at a states function in Nairobi. Photo: Shirko/Facebook.

According to the National Heroes Act, a person recognised as a national hero or heroine is entitled to a number of benefits including, but not limited to:

-Invitations to national and community functions as a state guest.

Having cultural festivals, concerts, exhibitions and sports events organised in their honour.

Having towns, institutions, open parks in urban areas, roads, streets, estates, stamps and notable landmarks named after them.

-Award of medals, insignia, commendations, certificates and such other commemorative as may be determined by the Heroes Council from time to time.

-Issuance of such postage stamps, scarves, mementos, utensils, apparel and artefacts as may be determined by the Council from time to time.

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