• Prince Indah jokingly suggested that Samidoh who is a cop should be sent to Haiti

• The two may be competing for the same audience but they are more of friends than rivals

Millions of Kenyans know Ohangla star Prince Indah as a musician but not many know he is equally a good comedian.

Prince Indah on Friday, October 20, brought out another side of him that not many people are privy to.

The revered Ohangla musician cracked ribs on social media after coming out with a special request to the Kenyan government.

Samidoh and Prince Indah are good friends and even have a collaboration together. Photo: Ralingo.

Riding on the Mashujaa Day spirit, Prince Indah pleaded with the Kenyan government, specifically the Kenya Police Service to include Mugithi singer Samidoh’s name on the list of Kenyan police officers picked to head to Haiti for peacekeeping mission.

In a witty Instagram post seen by YEIYO.com, Prince Indah jokingly “begged” the government to send his competitor, Samidoh to Haiti, to help fellow Kenyan cops restore peace in the country.

Prince Indah posted a photo of Samidoh in police uniform followed by the caption;

“Ama Samidoh Muchoki aende tu Haiti,” wrote Prince Indah.

Of course, Prince Indah was joking with his post but the same left countless Kenyans on the floor with laughter.

While some netizens supported him and echoed his “request”, a section of Kenyans on social media jumped to Samidoh’s defense.

Social media users who defended Samidoh vehemently differed with Prince Indah, holding that Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu will suffer should the Mugithi star be included in list of the Haiti bound cops.

A multitude of Samidoh’s diehard fans insisted that his relationship with his lover Karen Nyamu will suffer should he be included in the list of Haiti bound cops.

It should be noted that Samidoh is a police officer although he has been thriving in the music industry.

Prince Indah and Samidoh have been doing great with vernacular music. Photo: Prince Indah/Instagram.

Well, Prince Indah made the post as a joke since the two are good friends and colleagues who have worked together for years now.

The two may be competing for the same audience but they are more of friends than rivals.

So close they are that they even have a collaboration together; Bado Nakupenda which did exemplarily well as far as numbers are concerned.

However, netizens who consumed Prince Indah’s post with a third eye noted that the Ohangla star wants the Mugithi crooner to go to Haiti so that he can solely take over the vernacular music industry effortlessly.

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