• Douglas Baya noted that Kelechi Africana should support fellow Mombasa artistes instead of bashing them

• The journalist disclosed unknown and embarrassing details about Kelechi’s life in Nairobi

• According to the former Tuko News’ entertainment editor, Kelechi has been flossing with his Mumama’s money

Revered Entertainment journalist Douglas Baya has picked a bone to chew with one of Mombasa’s finest artistes, Kelechi Africana over his recent utterances and attacks leveled against fellow Coast creatives.

The celebrated media personality blatantly called out Kelechi Africana for always picking fights with fellow Mombasa artistes, something that has been killing the once glittering 001 music industry.

In a long and indirect social media post dedicated to Kelechi, Douglas Baya disclosed that he has information that Kelechi Africana has been kept rich Mumama in Nairobi and he is not as ‘rich’ as he has been bragging online.

Douglas Baya said Kelechi should use his position of influence to uplift fellow Mombasa artistes instead of constantly attacking them. Photo: Douglas Baya/Facebook.

Although Douglas Baya did not mention Kelechi in his rant but a throng of netizens concluded the musician was the main subject of the journalist’s outburst.

According to the former TUKO.co.ke entertainment writer, Kelechi does not have authority to attack fellow musicians because he is still struggling just like most of them.

Douglas Baya insisted that Kelechi Africana would have been right if indeed the riches he has been bragging about was arrived at through his efforts.

The scribe went on to wonder how the Mombasa music industry will grow if its own artistes keep fighting and beefing each other.

Kelechi has recently been attacking fellow Mombasa artistes on social media. Photo: Kelechi Africana/Facebook.

“My highly-placed and reliable source informs me that kuna msanii flani wa Mombasa amewekwa na Mumama hii Kanairo😆. You should interact with his pride and attitude then uone vile anaropokwa ovyo nowadays and insulting other hard working creatives🤣. I thought, hio kiburi yioooote must be because he’s putting in more work than others and making bank effortlessly, kumbe ni jasho ya mumama 🤦🏾‍♂️ Tunamsaidia aje sasa huyu🤔? “Za Ndani Hizii Shekhe”! Ama ni wewe kakangu ‘Upcoming Artiste’ @tee_hits ? Na kama ni wewe, si I thought we were friends….si unanishow naongelesha watu wa my agency @goldenkeypublicity wakusaidie kuteka Kijiji uwache kuteseka hii Kanairo, loooooooooooooolest loooooool!🤣,” Douglas Baya wrote on his Instagram and Facebook pages.

Following his rant, netizens, mostly drawn from Mombasa backed him, holding that Kelechi is out of line.

Many held the musician has been attacking his colleagues just but to chase clout.

A multitude insisted that Kelechi should focus on collaborating and working with Mombasa creatives in a bid to grow the 001 music industry to greater heights.

Kelechi had earlier called out fellow musician Happy C for allegedly being gay. Photo: UGC.

It should be noted, Kelechi recently made headlines after attacking singer Masauti and 001 Music Label signee Happy C.

In his separate attacks, Kelechi sensationally claimed Happy C’s star has dimmed and has chosen to turn to homosexuality to survive.

On Masauti, Kelechi vehemently claimed that he is nolonger a star and creative and has instead decided to remain relevant through his fashion.

In a quick rejoinder, Masauti hit back and asked the musician to keep his name out of his f***ing mouth.

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