• Some kids from Kibra were spotted standing next to an armoured anti-riot truck, receiving food from police officers

• The photo impressed many Kenyans who lauded the anti-riot police officers for their humanity

The first day of the famous maandamano was an eventful one with various things happening in different parts of the country.

Being a charged up demo, violence was experienced allover with a number of people said to have been shot during the running battles between demonstrators and police.

Well, there may have been violence everywhere but a few scenarios touched the hearts of many Kenyans.

Anti-riot police officers during maandamano. Photo: Nation Africa.

Among them was an occurrence where anti-riot police officers were spotted sharing food with hungry kids in Kibra during their ‘lunch break’.

In a photo that was first made public by CNN’s Larry Madowo, a number of children were spotted standing next to an armoured riot lorry, receiving some food from the anti-riot police officers.

The kind gesture touched Larry Madowo’s heart and he duly expressed his satisfaction through a tweet seen by YEIYO.com.

“Saw these cops share food with some kids during their lunch break in Nairobi’s Kibera area,” Larry Madowo captioned the photo.

Anti-riot police officers sharing food with kids in Kibra. Photo: Larry Madowo/Twitter.

The image went viral on Twitter and other social media platforms in a move that impressed many Kenyans who thronged different avenues to laud the officers.

Many who commented insisted that cops are human beings and are able to do good.

Netizens pleaded with other cops to emulate what their counterparts did instead of beating up and shooting protesters.

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