• Peter Salasya went ham on Kenyans online after one of his old friends exposed him for defaulting on a sacco loan

• The youthful legislator responded to the allegations by insulting Kenyans on Twitter

Politicians world over, especially in Kenya are usually refered to as Honourables.

This is because the public hold them in high regards and expect honourable behaviours from them.

However, a big number of Kenyans politicians have in the recent past confirmed to citizens that they do not deserve the “Honourable” tittle owing to their countless backward manners.

MP Peter Salasya had been accused of defaulting a KSh 165,000 loan from a sacco. Photo: Tuko.

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya is not an exception, YEIYO.com has learnt.

The youthful legislator on Wednesday, September 20, embarrassed himself after taking to social media to fight with netizens after he was exposed by one of his old friends of defaulting on a sacco loan.

As earlier reported by YEIYO.com, one Polycarp Nyonje accused Salasya of defaulting on a loan of KSh 165,000, a move that got the sacco on his case.

MP Peter Salasya’s dishonourable acts were made public by activist Boniface Mwangi who shared Polycarp Nyonje’s plight on Twitter.

Well, being a lose mouthed politician, Peter Salasya hit back at Boniface Mwangi, Polycarp Nyonje and other tweeps who called him out for “scamming” his friends and the sacco.

Many netizens had called out Peter Salasya urging him to pay up his loan and whatever he owes his friends who took the role of his guarantors during the loan application process.

A seemingly drunk and agitated Salasya responded by posting a series of videos on Twitter trying to explain the whole situation, albeit rudely.

The politician could not tame his tongue as he took on Kenyans on Twitter(X) with string of insults.

MP Peter Salasya was so rude that he irked almost everyone on the micro-blogging platform.

Read some insults from Peter Salasya and comments from Kenyans below:

The politician threw a multitude aback after opening a barrage of unprintable insults on anyone and everyone who asked him to pay up his debt.

Some of the insults he threw are so embarrassing that YEIYO.com cannot share publicly.

MP Peter Salasya’s juvenile behaviour rubbed many netizens, including his Mumias East constituents the wrong way.

Being a vicious group, Kenyans on Twitter(X) used him to mop the floor and saw him trend for the better part of Wednesday evening and Thursday.

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