• Akuku Danger and revered actor Bilal Wanjau recently launched their own show dubbed Perfectly Imperfect

• Perfectly Imperfect is basically Kenyan Podcast about everything human, not to mention the comic aspect that comes with it

Churchill Show comedian Manason Ojowi, known to many as Akuku Danger is back, this time even bigger and better.

The witty comedian with fire dance moves recently proved that he may have been down but not out by launching his own show just but to feed the hunger of his fans for his humour and invaluable content.

Fans lauded Akuku Danger for starting his own show. Photo: Akuku Danger/Facebook.

YEIYO.com has learnt Akuku Danger recently launched his own show dubbed Perfectly Imperfect which has been received well by a mammoth of his fans both locally and globally.

Akuku Danger’s new show which airs on YouTube through the Perfectly Imperfect channel is commanding massive following barely a month after going live for the first time.

Since Akuku Danger is a super talented creative, he thought it wise to include revered Kenyan thespian Bilal, with whom he discusses a myriad of pertinent issues affecting Kenyans, albeit with a drop of humour.

Award-winning actor Bilal Wanjau is Akuku Danger’s co-host on Perfectly Imperfect. Photo: Bilal Wanjau/Facebook.

Going by the description on Perfectly Imperfect YouTube channel, the show is basically inclined more towards heated discussions and a series of comic content to crack up the audience while passing different important messages.

According to the comedian and his counterpart, Perfectly Imperfect is basically Kenyan Podcast about everything human, not to mention the comic aspect of it.

Just recently, Akuku Danger and Bilal released their latest episode through which they comically advised ladies to stop using cucumbers to please themselves and look for readily available men who can sort their “problems” effortlessly.

The different topics covered on the Perfectly Imperfect Show have been impressing countless Kenyans and sparking heated debates online even as the audience sample the goodness exhibited and discharged by the hosts Akuku Danger and Bilal.

Kenyans from all walks of lives could not help but get excited and laud Akuku Danger and his co-host Bilal for filling up a gap in the world of content creation.

Many reiterated that Akuku Danger and Bilal were wise to come up with the show which will not only entertain Kenyans but also educate them.

It should be noted that Akuku Danger launched the show just months after getting out of hospital.

As earlier reported by a cross-section of the Kenyan media, Akuku Danger was in and out of hospital for months.

The comedian who is ailing from sickle cell anemia jumped back to work not long after being discharged from hospital and has been doing exemplarily well as far as pushing his brand to greater heights is concerned.

Apart from his role on Churchill Show and his new Perfectly Imperfect Show, Akuku Danger has also been heavy on events hosting/emceeing, having been booked for countless events across the country.

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