Otile Brown Treats Himself With A Brand New KSh 12 Million Range Rover Vogue


• Otile Brown shared several photos of himself next to and inside his brand new pricey whip on social media

According to the musician, he did not struggle to acquire his Range Rover Vogue

• Yeiyo.com understands Otile splashed about KSh 12 million to get his hands on the fancy machine

Otile Brown has just confirmed to Kenyans and the entire world that music pays, in fact very handsomely.

This is after the musician broke the bank to feed his life-long heart desire of acquiring a whip befitting his celebrity status.

Yeiyo.com has learnt Otile Brown recently burnt top dollar to treat himself with a super expensive ride, a brand new Range Rover Vogue.

Otile Brown flaunting his brand new KSh 12 Million Range Rovee Vogue. Photo: Otile Brown/Instagram.

News about Otile Brown’s new pricey acquisition was first made public by the musician himself on Tuesday, May 24, through social media.

Taking to his official Instagram page, the Zichune crooner posted several photos of himself with his new ride, followed by a somewhat “provoking” caption.

Through his caption, Otile Brown informed his fans that his new Grey Range Rover Vogue is just but an addition to his car collection.

Otile Brown’s fans and fellow celebrities congratulated him on his new acquisition. Photo: Otile Brown/Instagram.

The musician also made it public that all he want to do now is business and investments and make more money but not just senseless clouts.

According to Otile Brown, getting his new ride was a walk in the park and he did not break sweat.

“New Range Rover Vogue for yours truly Bizee! Ambia wakali wako next time tuongee investment. Hii shughuli ndogo, looool!” Otile Brown wrote.

Otile’s post inspired most of his followers and fellow celebrities who camped on the comments section to congratulate him.

Of importance to note is the fact that Otile Brown rightly deserved the treat, having worked tirelessly over the years to take the Kenyan music industry to greater heights.

Otile happens to be one of the top, if not the most successful musician in Kenya.

The musician has not only been racking in massives numbers online with his music but also countless shows both abroad and locally.

Just recently, the star concluded his two month long music tour in the US, which seems to have made him quite some money.

From Yeiyo.com, it is all congratulations to Obizeee.

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