• Otile Brown calmy disclosed Coke Studio left him out because they could not afford him

• Coke Studio had been called out for picking Khaligraph Jones and Nikita Kering’, leaving out deserving acts like Otile

Zichune crooner Otile Brown has finally addressed the issue on why Coke Studio Africa snubbed him and other super talented music acts for rapper Khaligraph Jones and singer Nikita Kering’.

Otile Brown was poked by a random fans who had called out Coke Studio for leaving him out despite being one of the most popular musicians in East Africa at the moment.

Otile Brown was not picked as Kenyan representative at the Coke Studio. Photo: UGC.

The social media user had posed a question to Coke Studio, asking them to review their selection again, having left out real talents.

“Bizee, Coke Studio should check that list again,” the fan wrote.

In a quick rejoinder, Otile Brown responded to the fan by letting out less known details about his dealings with Coke Studio.

In his usual calm demeanor, the Watoto Na Pombe hitmaker disclosed that Coke Studio had previously reached out to him for various projects but they have never managed to work together because of finances.

According to Otile Brown, Coke Studio have never been able to afford his fees.

This, the musician noted as one of the reasons why Coke Studio left him out of this year’s edition.

“Loool, hawajawahi fika bei ever since. Wachukue Hao wanaotaka kwenda,” Otile Brown wrote.

Otile Brown’s feedback comes barely days after Coke Studio unveiled Khaligraph Jones and Nikita Kering’ as Kenya’s representatives on the music show.

Otile Brown said Coke Studio could not afford him. Photo: Buzzroom/Instagram.

Their selection, however, did not settle down with a multitude of Kenyans who held there were other deserving artistes who could represent Kenya better than the two who were picked.

Celebrities such as Willy Paul and Scar Mkadinali are just but a few local stars who faulted Coke Studio on their choice of Kenyan representatives.

Their sentiments were echoed by many music lovers who insisted that indeed singers like Otile Brown and Willy Paul would have made the best pick from Kenya.

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