• Colonel Mustafa was captured on camera working at a construction site

• Countless Kenyans on social media wondered what a one-time A-list musician was doing at a mjengo site

• It is not yet clear if indeed Mustafa is broke or just trying to chase clout with the video for a possible music comeback

One-time popular musician Colonel Mustafa aka Lipunda has left countless jaws on the floor after a video of him working at a construction site emerged.

Having been an A-list musician and celebrity, many Kenyans hoped he would be living his dream now but the reality is quite opposite.

However, things seem to have gone south for him and left with no otherwise, the one half of Deux Vultures had to do whatever he had to do to make ends meet.

A video of Colonel Mustafa working at a construction site went viral on Twitter. Photo: SDE.

A video of Colonel Mustafa working hard at a construction site, otherwise known as Mjengo made it’s way to social media on Wednesday, April 4, sparking mixed reactions online.

It is not yet clear where the musician was working from but judging by the video, it is clear the musician has turned into a Mjengo worker.

Yeiyo.com understands the said video was recorded and shared by a yet to be identified source.

Well, Kenyans, especially music lovers could not believe their eyes upon sighting the video and duly aired their different sentiments.

Colonel Mustafa was caught on camera working at a mjengo site. Photo: Twitter.

A multitude of Kenyans could not believe Mustafa had gone broke to the extent of doing shoddy jobs.

Many netizens wanted to know where or rather how he used his money when he was still a hotcake in the music industry.

Others, however, defended the star holding that life can take sudden twists and turns, rendering people like Mustafa broke.

It is not yet clear if indeed the video is legit and shows Mustafa’s current situation or it is just one of his many ways to chase clout for a comeback.

Yeiyo.com will be following the story closely and will duly update you as new developments unfold.

Watch Mustafa working at Mjengo site BELOW:

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